February 9, 2009

When will it End

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, months that just don't seem like they will ever end? Where it just seems like if it is not one thing then it is the other? Yeah, going through that right now. Really what I want to do is run out in an open field wayyy out in the country and just scream. If one more person gets in the 20 item or less line with 50 items, if one more person turns out in front of me while I am driving down the road, if one more person goes off on Me because they are mad at someone else..... Stand Back because I just might Blow!!
Or I can pull up my big girl panties and remember that these things don't last. Life does go on. What goes up, must come down in other words. God promises seasons in our life. It is to test our faith. Right now, I need a faith refill before I kill someone. Know what I mean?


  1. "Big Girl Panties"...So, are those thong, bikini, boyish, or granny panty style...?

  2. In other words... quit acting like a baby and take the diaper off and put my big girl panties on and act like a grown up. = ) You don't need to know what kind of undies I wear. I can tell you it is not a thong.

  3. Oh have I ever had those days! When I really can't take it any more I scream in the car (when I don't have the kids with me). Seriously. I just blow. Then I feel somewhat relieved.

    Wishing you peace and fewer crazy drivers. I can so totally relate.