February 6, 2009

Don't like it, just wait

One thing you can count on in good ol' Oklahoma is that the weather is going to change. Last week we had about 5 inches of ice, snow and sleet that shut everything down for about 3 -5 days. Some areas were even declared a state of emergency. This week, sunshine and 60 to 70 degree weather. When it gets warm outside, I get the itch. I am a landscaper you know so it really makes me what to do some planting. You should never plant in Oklahoma till after April 15. Never fails that we have one for freeze before then. People fall for it though. It gets warm and they get outside and spend lots of money on plants and then BAM!! We get another freeze and all is lost.

So as they say here in OK. If you don't like the weather, just wait.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! That's quite a range. I'm near the California coast and it can be 70 during the day and 30 at night sometimes. I send the husband out to cover the little lemon tree so it wont freeze.

    My bulbs are all up already, along with a bumper crop of weeds. I need it to stop raining so I can get out there this weekend.