November 26, 2008

Poor Baby

Well, I think that ma and Tim have come to the conclusion that we are going to have to put a helmet with a face shield on it. In a moment of celebration for going poo poo on the potty and getting a piece of candy, he fell and smacked his face on the edge of the stairs. He literally split his lip and knocked two of his teeth to about a 45 degree angle backward. I did not have a car so Tim had to come home from work and take him to the hospital. He then had to have two stitches in his lip and they had to pull one of the teeth. To make him feel better they gave him a Lightning McQueen toothbrush and a temp tattoo. He looks terrible but is acting like nothing happened. Kids bounce back so fast. Poor baby.

A nurse at the hospital makes this little pouches for the teeth. He gets to have a visit from the tooth fairy before Reni does. Is that not the most humongous tooth that you have seen! I can not believe that was in his little mouth.

November 3, 2008

Halloween '08

This year we attended the second annual hunted house at our friends Brad and Whitney's house. Tim got recruited to help set and scare all the kids as they traveled through the back yard. Tim had a blast. I think he had more fun that all the kids combined. He was also asked to build a box that looked like a cage. He built it so big that it would not fit into our car. We had to strap it to the top of the car. We had to travel with a 4'x4' box down a busy highway during rush hour. Can you imagine the looks we got? It was fun.
While the boys were busy with the hunted house, the girls took all the kids trick or treating. Whitney's neighborhood is perfect. It is real tight so we hit a lot of houses in a short amount of time. It was perfect. By the time the kids were done walking their baskets were full. It was then back to the house for pizza and to watch the movie Nightmare before Christmas.
While Whitney was out getting more candy for the guys and picking up the pizza, I ran the kids about a mile down the road to the Simmons house to visit Aunt Sarah, Uncle Andy, New cousin Wyatt and Grandma and Grandpa Daryl. He took them to a scary house down the road that Reni saw as we were coming in. We then went back to join the crowd and all the fun.
Shortly after 9 we were all exhausted and ready to go home and crash. And that is just what we did!
Whitney's stupid head thingy got in the way of my picture.

Oh yeah. Whitney is puppy sitting for her mom. This is bootsy. He was Peter Pan. So cute!
This is Hadley, Whitney and Brads daughter. She was Wonder Woman.

The Box on top of the car driving down the road.

Reni was Snow White, Triston a cowboy, and Eli was squirt from Nemo

Oh how Time flies

While cleaning out some things, we found my old camera that was lost forever. I looked to see what pictures where on it. It is pictures from Reni's first day at school, the really good snow that we had two years ago. We are sledding at Grandma Donna's, and even some pictures from when Reni was three and I coached her soccer team. I couldn't believe it. There are pictures from when Triston was about a year old. I didn't realize how much Eli looks like him at that age. Wow! How time flies.

First day of Preschool. She had cut her hair the day before. She looks like Peter Pan.

Dress up center

This was Reni's Snowman. Tiim helped her put the face on it. She was so upset that he did not have any ears. Tim told her that it did not need ears, it was just a snowman. He then went to go sled. When I came to join the fun, she pointed out to me that she had made the snowman some ears. She used some twigs and grass that she found. She is just so creative.

Don't he look so much like Eli? Triston is about a year old in this picture.

Reni's first soccer team Lil' Firecrackers

Triston fell asleep with a hot dog in his mouth. Can you say wedding video? You know it.