February 2, 2009

Knowing Me, Knowing You #2

Here is the second installment of knowing me, knowing you started by The Fairy Blog Mother. I really enjoy playing along and learning more about some of my favorite bloggers. Click on over and play along. I promise you will enjoy it.

#1 What crafts/hobbies are you into?

My number is scrapbooking. I have not done the digital kind. I like to sit in the middle of the floor and have everything strung out around me in a circle. When I stand up it is the only clean spot in the whole room usually. I love playing with all the different color paper, buttons, ribbon, markers, etc. I love to get my hands dirty.
I create my own greeting cards too. I think that it makes it even more special to give someone a card that you put your sweat and tears into. Plus when you make it yourself you can make it fit that persons personality. My friends have framed them. That makes me feel so special.
I like to crochet. I make blankets for all my friends and family. I try new patterns but I always go back to the one that my grandma taught me. It just makes me feel like I am sitting in her floor again as a little girl. If I am making it for a special person that it allows me to saw several little prayers for them with every stitch. I usually only do this during the winter because it keeps me warm while I make them.
There are a lot of other things but that is good for now. I always take on more that I can accomplish. =)

#2 What is your laundry Status?

Your kidding right? I only have a path to my bed in my bedroom. I am really good at getting it washed and upstairs. But after that, I just give up. I hate to put laundry away. I think just because there is so much of it with 5 of us. Oh and more than anything I HATE with a passion with every bone in my body HATE to mate socks. I do not do it. Tim finally gets fed up and will do it. If you need a pair of socks, look in the sock basket.

#3 You walk into a bank and there are people waiting ahead of you for an open teller. You step into place behind the last person waiting...here's the question...are you waiting in line or are you waiting on line?

I am waiting in line. I have probably struck up a converstation with the person in front of me. Maybe even the person behind me because I never meet a stranger. Makes the time go by faster. I have never heard the expression waiting on line that did not refer to the computer.

#4 Do you facebook?

I love facebook. It is a great way to get connected and stay connected daily with all you bestest friends. I really like reading what every one is up to and staying up to date with their families. I really wish more people would blog but instead we just facebook. I do have to say, it is very addicting.

#5 Where would you like to have a shopping spree and what would you buy?

Oh this is a good one. Sometimes I have dreams about it. I think my number one would be Hobby Lobby. I would buys tons of scrapbook stuff. I would buy catridges for my cricket cutter. Paper, tools, paper, scissors, paper, organizers, oh yeah and Paper. I could also buy yarn for my blankets. I could buy crafts for the kids. I would buy decor for my home, which I am still decorating a year and half later. It is the go all for everything I would want most.
My second would be Old Navy. Everything I wear is from there. They have great pricing for great clothes that fit my curves. And let me tell you I have curves. My butt belonged to black girl in a previous life. Just kidding! Plus they have great sales or 2 for 1 pricing. Love them. Here is a fun fact. I worked for them too in high school.

Okay, there is me. Link over to the The Fairy Blog Mother and Play along.

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