February 4, 2009


Something amazing and wonderful happened this morning. I can not express how proud of myself as a mother. I have gotten some of my self esteem back. I was beginning to take it so personal. Okay enough I will let you in. My beautiful little soon to be three year old went to the potty all by himself! Here is the amazing part. At 6 this morning I felt him get out of bed, walk into the bathroom, turn on the light, I asked "What are you doing?", He responded I need to go to the bafroom. WHAT!? Sure enough the climbed up on the potty, went pee pee, turned off the light, and then got back in bed. WHAT!? I was so excited I wanted to love all over him and let him know how proud I was of him. I was met with screams and Leave me alone I'm tired. So I did it this morning when we got up.

Status now:
"Do you want to wear big boy underwear?"
"Triston, lets go the potty."
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" (While falling on the floor crying)
"You can have a piece of candy if you go to the potty."

That okay. I now know that he knows. He just doesn't want to do it on my terms. He will do it on his. I think this is God's way of teaching me patience and that I can not control everything. That is hard for me. We are taking baby steps. I just keep telling myself that he will not be in diapers when he is 20. I just hope he isn't when he is 5 so he can go to school. I guess will see. But what a first step. I am so proud of him.

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