February 19, 2009

Let Me Catch My Breathe

Here is a short, sweet, need to go to bed but want to check in with everyone blog. Trees are starting to bud, easter lillies are blooming, grass is turning green so that could only mean one thing. It is time for me to go back to work. I have enjoyed the last couple of months of being home with the boys and just being a stay at home mom. I am excited to be getting back to work though. I love love love what I do. I get so excited to make up a landscape plan on paper and then see it come to life in their front or back yards. It is almost like having baby but without all the pain and yucky stuff. Well if you dont count the horse manuer as yucky stuff. = )

Stay tuned...I am thinking of starting a seperate blog for the landscaping side of stuff so you can share in my love of plants, design and everything mother nature.


  1. I love your blog it is so pretty! I think it is great that you are going back to work. To pursue our passions in life is what keeps living everyday a bit more enjoyable. it also reflects to our children too. Btw i can't keep a plant alive to save my life. :)

  2. Would love to see a landscaping blog! It's not my best thing...I could certainly use the tips and inspiration!

  3. My front yard needs your knowledge, passion, motivation and well YOU! Let's make a date and play!