March 31, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Stacey's Thoughts on Everything and Nothing has an addition called Random Tuesday Thoughts. After the day that I had today that is all I have...random thoughts. I also thought it would be a way to check in with out a lot of words. I just hope that is makes since. =)

Today I hate my truck. Stupid thing was broke into a few months ago and not it needs a new ignition switch. It left me stranded for about two hours today at QT (gas station). Well my dad too who told me he would be right back to get me but HE LIED! He went on about his business and then sent my brother. We still could not get it to start so I had to ride with the guys to plant trees. Yeah that's right I had to plant trees. 20 to be exact. My arms hurt. I am the office manager. I hire the guys that plant trees. Anyway I counted it as my work out for the day and did not go to the gym. Does that count?

I had to go to the lady Dr yesterday because I have been having some girls problems. I had a IUD put in after my third child because my husband is being a wiener and wont go get it taken care of. Well turns out I had to have it taken out. So now I have to worry about that. Then my Dr says "Hey while you are here you are due for your annual. Lets take care of that while you are here." Sure, why the heck not. I love getting paps. They are most favorite thing in the whole world. It takes me time, you know like months to prepare for the annual. To have it sprung on me like that really messed me up. You know.

Did I mention I have a great husband? I need to. Even after I was so horrible with my bad attitude to everyone, I asked him to cook dinner and he did it without a single are you crazy face. He made spaghetti and it was wonderful. He always makes great spaghetti. I love him so much for doing that. It took a whole other step out of my evening that I was so dreading. It really brought me back to the sane world. Isn't amazing how such a simple act of kindness can turn your whole attitude around. I think I will carry that with me in everything I do. I will try anyway. At least until that stupid truck decides it doesn't want to start for me but will do it for Tim making me look like a totally incompetent person. Arrrgghh!

March 26, 2009

Thanksful Thursday- Randomness

It is said by listing what you are thankful can increase your happiness by 25%. Why would you not do it? Here is what I am most thankful for today.

1. Peanut Butter: When I do not feel like cooking or it the kids are begging for a snack peanut butter is always there. They are always in the mood for peanut butter and it is good for their growing little bodies too.

2. I am thankful for central heat and air. In Oklahoma you need it. One day is in the 90s and then like today out of no where it is 50 outside. I love just being able to flip the switch to cool and heat and get just what I need. Love it!

3. I am thankful for my blogging sisters. It makes me feel so good when you guys check in and leave me your comments and give me your advice. It helps me to feel like I am not alone in this crazy world called motherhood. That is support that is hard to find. I am thankful for everyone of you.

4. I am most thankful for my faith. It is what keeps me grounded and sane. Otherwise, I think I would be a serial killer because people really piss me off sometimes. This is a crazy world we live in and people do some really crazy things. I have to remind myself everyday 'Do as Christ does'. Everyday He blesses my life. For Him I am so thankful for what he has done for me.

5. I am thankful for baby boy hugs. Don't get me wrong I love my little girl hugs too but there is something about baby boy hugs. Baby boys love their mommies in a totally different way than little girls. It sets me on fire on the inside when they come up to me and out their arms out for a big hug. I love it most when they squeeze me and hug me real tight. Makes me feel like the most special mommy in the whole world. It really makes everything bad in the world go away and all that is left is puppies and rainbows. Okay maybe I am exaggerating a little but not by much. =)

What are you thankful for? Make a list. It really does help. Be Blessed!

March 20, 2009

Spring Break Fun

I have been so busy with work this week that I have not really gotten to spend any time with Serenity. So I took Thursday off and we went to the zoo. On the way I was thinking that taking three kids to the zoo by myself really did not sound that fun so I called my friend Sam and asked if she and her two would like to join us. It was a great day. It was about 65 degrees and just cloudy enough to make it a perfect day for the zoo. We had a great time. All the animals were out and active. I got some great pictures. They are starting to do a lot of renovations and really jazzing it all up. We ran out of time when my dad called me on my day off and could not find some paper work, soooo we had to leave and take it to him. Day off huh? I can't wait to go back.

March 16, 2009

Funny Moments

On the way home today Reni asked us if it was 6 more weeks till winter. We replied by telling her no it was 6 more weeks till Spring. She then did her usuall cross of the arms and puckered lips. Then she said in a hateful little voice "I hate Spring. I like Winter."

So then me and her dad proceeded to tell her all the reasons we like Spring more.

"We get to go to the park. We get to go to the sprinkler park. We get to wear sundresses and sandals. AND we get to get our toes painted!" (she loves to go with me to get our toes painted)

Tim then said to Triston, "That's all right bubby, me and you will go and play in the mud."

Triston freaked out. He started screaming no and crying. He wanted to go with me and Reni and get his toe nails painted. LOL!!! He would not quit screaming until I told him that he did not have to play in the mud if he did not want to. He then stopped his fit and let a sign of relief. Me and Tim were laughing so hard.

I guess that is what you get when you have a girl first.

March 15, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Like many of you I have been tagged a million times with 25 Random Things About Me on Facebook. I have seen a lot of you blog about it and thought I would do the same. Why not? I have learned a little more about you so here is a little bit more about me.

1. I am in love with Patric Swayze. I would still leave my husband today if Swayze showed up on my door step. My hubby knows all about it and gives me a hard time but is a great sport.

2. I love to scrapbook and make my own cards. Although since I have small children I do not get to do it much these days. I love to send homemade cards though. It just makes it that much more special.

3. I am not a natural blonde. Shhhhh! Don't tell!

4. I am a landscaper. Yep a woman in a mans world and I get treated like it too. When people find out that a girl is coming to look at their yards they always ask, "Oh, your coming? Will anybody be coming with you?" No they will not. I can do just fine by myself.

5. Although I am a landscaper I can not keep plants alive. I guess I should say I choose not to keep plants alive. I walk by them knowing they need water yet I always say to myself "Man I need to water that." It always ends up being to late when I get to it.

6. I have been married to husband since I was 19 years old and new I was in love with him from the first kiss. I felt it in my toes. That told me he was the one. Now it will be 10 years this November. Wow time has flown by.

7. I would do anything to just Paris. I french in high school because I was going to go someday. That day has not come yet but I think it would make a good 10 year anniversary trip don't you.

8. My favorite color is purple. It is a little of my girly side although I lean a little more towards tom boy.

9. I am the oldest of four. Only girl, three brothers who are still scared to get in fight with me even though they tower over me. They know!

10. I am the mother of three. Everyone keeps telling me I need one more but I will seriously have a break down. I am not even joking.

11. Chocolate. Do I really need to say anymore?

12. I lost my mother July of 2007. I still feel like a piece of my heart is dead and that I will never recover from it. I miss my best friend.

13. All of my kids have my hair color and my eyes, except Eli has blue eyes. But everyone of them look like Tim. Yet he has dark brown hair and eyes. Funny huh?

14. I have the best mother-in-law. She knows everything and can do everything. She also has a gadget for everything. I am amazed by her all the time. She is what I want to be when I grow up.

15. I played soccer for 15 years. Boy to my knees feel it too. I always know when it is about to rain because my knees start to hurt.

16. I hate to mate socks. Just about nothing more that I spite. I have a sock basket. If you need a pair of socks then you so mate you some in the basket. Or if you are my hubby as long as they are the same length that is good enough.

17. I can write with both my left and right hand. They say that people that can do this think with both sides of their brain. In my case my dad was left handed so I was taught to do it with my left hand. I write mainly right handed but I golf left handed, I kick left footed, I do quit a bit lefty.

18. I can blink one eye at a time. My fam make fun of me for this. I don't even know when I do it. Tim calls me a frog and makes fun of me all the time.

19. I use to model when I was a pre-teen. I really enjoyed but did not realize how much work it was. It taught me a lot though, like how to apply make up and helped me to be a lot more outgoing.

20. I am a loud mouth. I do not realize it but when you are the oldest of four you grow up talking loud just to be heard. I don't realize that I am being loud till Tim shushes me.

21. I am married to the most wonderful and handsome man ever. He has been my side through the really hard times and even though we are so different we are so much alike. He is THE best friend.

22. I love to buy pretty jewelry but never wear it. I try but like I said I am a tom boy so I do not feel comfortable in it. I have a great collection though for my girl friends to borrow all the time.

23. I hate to drive. I don't really know why but I hate it.

24. Although I hate to drive I love road trips. I can't wait to see more of the US. There is so much you can see while traveling by car that you don't see when you fly.

25. I love my God with all my heart. If it was not for him I would not be the happy person that I am today. I owe my life to him. I thank him everyday for my husband, my children and my life that I have been so graciously blessed with....and it gets better everyday!

March 14, 2009

My First One Ever

Now I feel like one of the blogging community. I have never gotten an award before. It makes me feel so loved especially with it being for good gratitude and attitude. Which is so ironic because if you know me before I had the wrong kind of attitude. My brothers still refer to me as the bitch. I don't choose to look at it like that. Just because I do not let people walk on me and always speak my mind doesn't make me a bitch. I can still be giving of myself and of my time without being taken advantage of. I am a die hard friend. No one and I mean no one messes with my friends. I don't even need to know why as long as you need me to. Any who I have just went on a little rant haven't I.

Thank you so much to the It's A Beauty Filled Life for my wonderful new award.
Here's how you pass the wealth

The Rules:
1) Put the Lemonade Award logo on your blog or post
2) Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude
3) Link to your nominees within your post
4) Let the nominees know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog
5) Share the love and link to the person from who you received your award
I almost forgot... I need to make my list
4.Lit and Laundry
Sorry that is all I have. I am new here rememeber. Have fun!

March 12, 2009

Where am I?

So just in case you have wondered where I have been, work. This time of year is crazy for me! I run like you would not believe and my blog pays the price. I always have good intentions. I take lots of pictures for posts but the posts never get written. I had a great one for Wordless Wednesday but now it will have to wait till next week. I got pictures of everything blooming and was going to blog about spring and wouldn't you know it... it snowed today!!! Crazy Oklahoma weather. I am still reading all your blogs and following along but by the time I get there I am to tired to post.

Totally brain dead! Cant think of one thing. Know what I mean.

I will still be around. Just a little slower these days. Help me out by asking some questions. Lets start with a get to know me section of the blog. Maybe this can help me come out of my funk. Nothing off limits, ask anything! ;0p

March 8, 2009

I Really Miss Her

I came across this picture when I was on my old Multiply site today. I found a bunch of pictures on there that I had forgotten about and was copying them off. This is a picture of my mom pushing Reni in a small wagon on Hilton Head Island Beach. This was the last trip that we took together. Me and Tim were up there for two weeks trying out a potential job opportunity. My mom was on vacation the second week that we were going to be there so her and my step dad drove up and brought Serenity with them. Triston was only 6 months old so my aunt kept him because we did not think he would make the drive. This was a big decision for us to make and I could not make it with out her so I wanted her to come so she could give me her opinion. Of course she said not to do it. We are very close and big family. We all live with in 10 minutes of each other and get together all the time. Well, we did when she was alive.

Coming across this picture brings back that day so vividly. How I wish I would have been more in that moment. I am so glad that I had that time with her. We celebrated her birthday while we were there. I remember her ordering a drink when we took her out to dinner. I never saw my mom drink. I was totally shocked. I miss her. I really really miss her.

March 6, 2009

Friday High Five

I have been reading a new blog called This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood and she has recently stumbled along a blog that has you make a list of your 5 favorite things. It can be anything from your 5 most favorite people (or most hated), 5 things you would do if it were the end of the world, etc. You get the idea. Her list was great so I think I will play along.

Five Things I Would If I Could Get Five Minutes Alone.

1. Go to the bathroom. Yep, not very creative but I would love to go to the bathroom without a knock at the door asking me what I am doing in there. Then come the little fingers under the door. Shortly followed by a screaming fit because I will not open the door so he can come in.

2. Take a cat nap. With three kids who like to go to bed late and get up early, I am always in need of a nap. Usually all I need is five minutes to just close my eyes and re-energize. Then I'm good to go again.

3. Take a shower. I love hot hot showers. They are so relaxing. Well, as soon as the little rats hear the water come on they all come running in the room butt naked. All screaming and jumping up down "I want a shower! I want a shower!" Unfortunately they do not like hot hot showers.

4. I would sit and stare into no where. If you are a mom then you know what I am talking about. Just sit.....and stare. Like you have a illness or something. I guess in a way we do. It's called motherhood.

5. I would scrapbook so my husband will quit giving me crap about how much money I spend on scrapbook supplies and gadgets and never do anything with it. I often tell him "Well, if you would take them away for a while then I would be able to." Serenity is at that age where she wants to help. But she has to dump everything and mix everything together and with me that is a BIG NO NO! Everything has its place. Other wise I get over whelmed and can not work. Silly I know but that is how I am.

Okie Doke there you go. What is your fave High Five?

March 2, 2009

The Girl Can Tie Her Shoes!

She finally got it. I have been working with her and working with her with it always ending with a hissy fit of her crossing her arms and yelling "I can't do it." I decided to teach her the short cut. What does it matter how she does it as long as she is tying her own shoes. I am so proud of her and she is so proud of herself. She is always untieing her shoes so that she can show who ever is watching that she can do it. Then she always ask "Are you proud of me?" Of course we are. We are so proud of you and even a little heart broken because it just makes you that much more grown up.
If you are wondering, here is the short cut.
Take one shoe string and make a bunny ear
Take the second shoe string and make a bunny ear
Now tie the two bunny ears together.
So much easier to explain that
Make a bunny ear
Take the other shoe string and go around the bunny ear
Now push through the loop
This is were I would lose her because she would lose her string or would try to put the whole string all the way through. This is when the hissy fit would come and all frustration would set in.
But she got it now and I am free....for one kid anyways. One down, two more to go.

March 1, 2009

Knowing Me, Knowing You March

The Fairy Blog Mother does a once month interview with all of her readers. I love doing this. It is so much fun getting to learn about all the fellow bloggers. So please come and play along.

1. What is your dream life?

I would really have to say that I am living it. All I ever wanted to be was a mom to a lot of kids. I wanted to have 6 but after I started having them I stopped at three. I would love to have a house with some land kind on the edge of town where the kids can play in the front and back yard. We are working on doing this with in the next year. I have always been afraid of the loto. Money changes people. I have never played it and probably never will.

2. Do you play games online?

Yes. I love puzzle games. I am hooked on Jewel Quest right now. Tim gets jealous because it takes my attention away from him. I guess I could just learn to shoot zombies on PS3 and then it would be okay.

3. Seen anything good lately?

We just watched Road to Rodanthe. It was a good date movie. Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author and because I have read his books I knew what was going to happen in the end and it did. If you have read anything of his you know too. It was a really good movie but have tissues with you when you watch it.

4. What is your favorite pizza combination?

I like just good ol pepperoni on thin crust. Papa John's also has a spinach, chicken and alfredo pizza that is really really good. I always go back to the traditional. It was my moms favorite too. Like mother, Like daughter.

5. How are you with houseplants?

I am so embarrassed. I am a landscaper but I can not keep a houseplant alive to save my soul. I just forget about them and they are usually dead by the time I remember them. I will walk by them about 50 times and think to myself, I need to water that, walk away and start doing something else. Next thing I know I am throwing it in the trash. I have one Peace Lilly from my moms funeral that I refuse to let die but it really looks like crap.

Now link on over to the Fairy Blog Mother for more Knowing Me, Knowing You and play along.