February 11, 2009

My Little Birthday Boy

Dear Mr. Triston,

Today you are turning 3. I have been thinking about were I was at this time in 2006. On February 10 at 9 am I lost my plug. The contractions started right after that. Very slow and mild. I was about to burst on the inside. I was so excited that you would be here soon. Your grandma Donna was getting ready to go to work. I was with her because my doctor has taken all my privileges away from me. I was not allowed to drive or go anywhere by myself because they had thought it would be soon. You were not due until Valentines Day. My favorite holiday! Of course you were early. I called my Doula and she said the usual. Go take a shower and eat something. She would tell me to do this to make sure that they were real contractions. You did not come fast. It was 27 hours later. Everyone came over to Grandma Donna's and we sat around and talked and laughed while mommy had very light contractions. Kelly (the doula) kept telling me that when it was going to kick in it was going to be fast. Sure enough about 9 on February 11, 2006, it hit. The contractions became about 3 minutes apart. We all jumped in the car and headed to the hospital. Everyone else followed behind us because they were not even sure we would make it to hospital.

Once we got there we were immediately took back to a delivery room. Your doctor was a real quack. That is another story. It was just me, daddy and Kelly in the delivery room. That was all they would let us have. Both Grandma's and aunt Sarah waited out in the waiting room. It was just a few pushes later and you were here. You were so beautiful. Long and skinny with dark black hair. Of course you looked like daddy and not mommy. They put me in a wheel chair, put you in my lap and wheeled us out to the waiting room. You was born at 11:55 pm. You were also born on Grandpa John and Grandma Roses anniversary...barely.

Now I look at you and you are such a big boy. You tell me great stories and sing me songs. You are still a momma's boy. You are such a dare devil like your daddy. You do it first and then think about it after. If you don't get it the first time you just keep trying until you get it. You have a contagious smile and get the hiccups when you laugh to hard. You are into dinosaurs and Diego. Your favorite color is blue and pink. How could it not be when it is Reni's favorite color and you do everything she does. You are her little shadow. You love monster trucks, only that is not what it sounds like when you say it. Sounds like a really bad word. I love your hugs that I get out of no where and the I love you mommys that come with a kiss on the check. I can't believe how the time has flown by. You will always be mommy's special little boy.

Happy Birthday Mr. Triston, Happy Birthday to You.

(That is Grandma Rose holding you in the top picture. I am sure she is sending you birthday kisses from heaven. Those are the best kind.)

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  1. I tried calling today, but no one was at home. Hope Triston had a wonderful day!!!