July 31, 2008

Can you see it?

It may not look like much now but it will soon. This is one of our clients that we actually built a fence for. She wanted us to design her a deck with a southwest type look. I went to my wonderfully creative and talented carpenter husband and asked him to design me a deck. My dad designed a couple too but she liked Tim's the best. We broke ground on it today. I am so excited to see his drawing in action. They should be done with it tomorrow and I can't wait to see. And of course you will get to also.


No you are not seeing things. She did it again. Her newest victim, Eli. Yep, that's right, cut the hole front out of his hair. Now he looks like he has a receding hair line. I know what your asking yourself. Why didn't you take the scissors away? Well you see, the last time she cut her hair I thought I threw all the scissors away. I was wrong. The little weasel got into Tim's trimmer set and got the scissors. I didn't figure that out until today when I she would finally tell me. Those too are now gone. Lesson learned. Maybe a little to late, but still learned.

July 29, 2008

Good Friends

Everyone, meet Angie. Angie is one of my friends that I use to go to high school with. We reconnected about two or three months ago. She was looking for a job at that time and we were needing someone with marketing experience, long story short with works with me now.
We had a short day today so we went and picked up our kids and headed back to my house and the air conditioning. (Remember we are in 100 degree days. Sucks!) We finished doing some work and ate pizza while the kids watched Handy Manny. It was a good afternoon. She has the cutest kids. They are the same age as Reni and Triston. Get this Her sons name is Elisha.
Kids eating pizza and watching cartoons

Angie (who hasn't changed one bit since high school)



Serenity Now!!

I am always saying Serenity is going to be two things when she grows up. She will either be a chemist or a cosmetologist. She is always mixing things together making huge messes and she is always cutting her hair. Well, she has struck again. This time the victim is Bubby. He had to have his head buzzed to fix it. But before Tim did that, he gave him a fullit. Do you know what a fullit is? It is a fo-hawk and a mullit. Can you get any more white trash than that?

The hair cut. It's hard to see on this picture.

The Fullit

Oh yeah! The marks on his face are where she took my lip gloss that last all day and wiped it all over his face. Get were I am going with this. It doesn't come off!!! You have to get make-up remover wipes and scrub it off.


I almost forgot to mention it. You know I told you about my church adding a new service on Sunday's at 1:00. Well, to help with the kids program we volunteered at 10:00, went to the 11:30 service, and then volunteered again for the 1:00 service. The poor kids were in their classes for three services. They handled it really well except for the fact that when we get to Triston he was asleep inside the slide playground. It was so cute.

Look very close. He's in there.

July 28, 2008

Isn't He Cute

Tim was so awesome this weekend. With working full time now, I have just fell behind on everything. I have been complaining about being overwhelmed. He really stepped up to the plate. He worked in the yard all day Saturday in 100 degree weather and them helped me in the house all day on Sunday after church. He cleaned the room, helped with laundry and everything else that I threw out there. The house is clean today and the yard looks great. I can rest a lot easier knowing it is caught up. I couldn't have done it with out the little cutie.

At The Movies

We attend Lifechurch.TV in Tulsa, OK. Every July he does a series called At The Movies. It is where he takes movies over the last year and puts scripture to it. It is so much fun and amazing. It gives you real perspective. It always boost our attendance (which is already crazy). This last weekend we had 2500 people attend. We had to add another service at 1:00. That makes 7 now.

When we do the series they always decorate the church in a movie theme. This years theme is Indiana Jones. It is so cool with a real water fall and everything. They give out candy, pop and popcorn. Unfortunately, the at the movie series can not be seen online because of copyright issues but I recommend coming and seeing it sometime. And you don't have to wait till at the movies. Lifechurch is always amazing. It has changed our lives.

Underneath the big ball is the entrance to the church. To the right of that is the water fall. I don't know why I didn't get a picture of that. Well, yeah I do. Tim gets embarrassed when I pull out the camera. I took some video of our praise and worship but I cant get it to load on here. It embarrassed him to death. He is just going to have to get use to it.

It's Hot

It is so hot here in Tulsa Town. We are hitting the 100's. I hate it. The kids do too. Saturday Tim turned on the sprinkler to water the yard. Before we knew it Reni had her swim suit on and had recruited bubby and were in the sprinkler. Triston opted more to play in the mud but none the less they had fun. Reni made her a umbrella made out of a paper plate and a stick. I get so amazed by her imagination sometimes. It makes for very interesting days. Never a boring moment. They were outside all day just about. They finally came in kickin and screamin.

Muddy face boy

He wouldn't look at me cause he was cookingReni and her Umbrella (see the mud)My pretty princess

July 24, 2008

Hello There

Eli just wanted to say hi. He took these himself. Yeah really. I think I have a little prodigy on my hands. Just kidding. They are cute pictures though.

Stay in school

At Least Awake.

This is all I have done all week. WORK!!! I worked at home all day and made it only half way through this mess. Angie has been helping me too and we had to take several breaks because our brains were over loading. It is moments like this that I really wish that I had not slept so much through school. All of those formulas and measurements would really come in handy right now. So my wise advice to our lazy youth. Stay in school, you really will use it.

July 22, 2008

Bird Houses

(Do you think I need to water my plant?)
So since I have started working again full time my aunt Ruth ( aka Sissy) watches the kids for me. She is the best baby sitter. They are always ready for me to leave as soon as I get them there. Reni's exact words usually are "Mommy aren't you going to be late for work." It makes me feel sad and good all at the same time.

She has been keeping them busy everyday by doing little crafts and such. Usually it is just small stuff like making cookies or playing school. But for some reason Reni got this idea that she wanted to paint birdhouses. I think my aunt already had some that she had painted and Reni saw them. My aunt went out this weekend and bought her a birdhouse and some paint so she could make one. Bubby heard all the commotion and decided to join in. They thought that they were going to be able to put him to sleep and then do it. That didn't work.

Well, here is the finished product. They did such an awesome job. They are so cute. Bubby went at his with two brushes at one time. I think it made such an awesome design. Of course Reni's would be mostly pink. She told me to take a picture of it. After I took the picture she said "See, it is a beautiful rainbow." I think I could see that.
Reni's Butterfly

Tristons Tie Dye Roof

July 21, 2008

The Girls

My girls called an emergency meeting for Saturday night. That usually means that one of us is having a hard time, husband problems or just need to get out of the house. I love these girls. They are my very best friends. Actually more like sisters. It is like we are linked. I can just be having the worst day and it never fails one of them will call me and ask how I am doing. They have been a great support with the loss of my mom. They have really filled that void. Saturday night they were there for me. They watched the memorial video with me and cried right along with me. It is always great to have Whitney for those moments because she will always have something funny to say just about make you wet your pants. I guess I could tell you their names. The far left is Sam, we are married to the same man. Her husband is just like Tim so we really connect on that level. The one on the back right is Kelly. I can always count on her to always be on my side, even if I am wrong. The one in the front middle is Whitney. She is so stinking funny. I can always count on her for a great laugh just when I need one. I love my sisters and now when you hear me talk about the girls you know who I am talking about.

PS. They wanted me to be sure and tell you that this picture was taken at 2 in morning and after a night of crying over the video. I still think they look good.

July 19, 2008

Serenity Now

My camera has been missing for a while. Well I found it and I think I know who the culprit is. See if you can figure it out by the pictures that I found on it.
This would be Serenity
My Little Ponys

Triston and I think Reni's finger

Oh My Gosh!

I woke up this morning to Eli just screaming and crying. He actually does this alot. I got up to go and get him and this is what I found. He had pulled himself up on his crib for the first time!!! He was up and could not get down, hence the screaming fit. I knew he was pulling himself up because I watched him climb up two of our stairs the day before yesterday. He is only 9 months old. I thought I still had time before I had to do the whole baby proofing thing. Now I have to find a gate for the stairs and so much for sleeping in.

July 18, 2008

I miss you!

This is the picture above the mantel in our house. I mean Her house.

At about this time last year I was sitting in a hospital with a Neurologist telling me and my family that my mother was officially brain dead. I remember feeling like someone had just punched me in the stomach and I could not catch my breath. My first thoughts were "How am I going to be able to live without her? How am I going to be able to have this baby without her? How am I going to be able to go on living with out? I didn't get to say goodbye!!!" Then I just cried until it hurt to cry anymore. I spent the next week being very numb as I made all the plans for her memorial and her burial. I just had to focus on the task at hand or else I don't think I could of been able to do had I really realized what I was doing. After everything settled down, reality set in. I would never see her again. She wasn't going to see my children grow up. Who was I going to call when me and Tim got into a fight. Who was I going to go shopping with. She was not just my mother but my very best friend. I felt so very alone and very very empty.

I know this is probably hard to read but really my whole point of it all is that I am still here. Life does go on. I don't cry everyday anymore. I can think about her and talk about her without crying now. I did have my baby without her. I was able to go on living without her. Do you want to know my secret? My true faith and belief in God, number one. Number two, I have an amazing support system. My wonderful husband, the best mother-in-law in the whole world, an amazing and supportive family. Oh and I have to mention my girlfriends who are always there waiting with Margaritas in hand. God is amazing!!! If I had not had my faith, I could not have made it. Knowing that she is in such a better place and that I will see her again has been such a comfort to my soul. I can not imagine what it would be like otherwise.

July 17, 2008

Lil Toops #5

Meet the newest member of our family. Logan Patrick Toops was born yesterday around 8 o'clock. He is my oldest brother, Tom's fifth baby. He was 8 lds, 20 oz and 20" long. He is so cute.

Happy Birthday

Today is my step-father, John's Birthday. He is 41 but says that he is only 29. He looks like he is only 29. We took him to a local Italian restaurant, Nepali's, to celebrate. It was really good. Eli got diarrhea so we had to leave very quickly. Happy Birthday John!

I wasn't going to use this picture but Triston's face is priceless!

Of course I had to take one of Reni too.

My Point Was.....

So my whole point really for starting the blog was to give a REAL shout out to Jason and Simone.

I mentioned before that we went to Chicago for the 4Th of July and stayed with them. They were the best hosts ever. They lead us around all over the city. Took us to amazing places to eat. They never once complained about being to tired to do anything we wanted to do. We just had a really good visit with them. Our kids even got along! Which usually does not last very long. Even Tim agreed that it was a great visit. It was his idea to do the blog. He told me on the way home that I need to blog on here a BIG thank you to Jason and Simone for taking care of us. So.....


I don't want to forget to mention this. Simone even cooked for us for than once and it was really really good. She made pancakes, eggs and sausage, and when we were leaving out she made some of the best chocolate chip muffins. I give her major thumbs up on all of this because she made everything from scratch. I don't even do that. I love Betty Crocker and she does it so much better than me so why not.

July 16, 2008

My Familia

So I thought I would introduce myself a little bit. I have been married for 8 years to the most handsome and wonderful man. Together we have three children. Serenity Grace, who is five, Triston Alexander, who is 2 and Elijah James, who is 9 months but thinks he is as big as the other two. They completely consume our lives and would not change a thing about it.
Tim and Triston

Serenity, Triston and Eli

We currently live in Claremore, OK and have for about a year now. We love it here. It is so cozy and the neighborhood is the perfect place to raise children. We have the best neighbors who bring us cakes and cookies and just come over to say hi and see how you are doing. Kind of sounds of an old TV show doesn't it. The town is very clean and quit. We fit well here.
Tim currently works in construction as a window glazier. He installs commercial glass for a company in Broken Arrow, OK. He has worked there for about a year and half. I am currently for Toops Landscaping. It is owned by my dad. I also work with two of my brothers. I do sales, quoting and some of the designing of landscapes and hardscapes. I love my job! The best part is that it pays very well. That has been a huge blessing in our lives. I was needing a job that gave me flexibility with the kids and payed enough to pay tuition for Serenity's private school. Two jobs later I had the tuition for her school. Praise God! I look forward to future with landscaping.

This gives you a small look into our lives and I look forward to letting you in on the rest as it occurs. There is just to much to try to get there tonight.


Hello Ya'll

I will start by saying that I am not much of a blogger. I have become interested in recently by my sister in law, Simone, who blogs daily. Jason and Simone have recently moved

their little family to Chicago, IL in April. Simone started a blog so that we could all follow

along with their new lives away from Tulsa, OK. We have children around the same

age so we have been a pretty close family. Their son Jazz and our daughter

Serenity have been just about inseparable since they were born. Jazz is 6 weeks older

than Serenity. This has been hard on them. Serenity still does not understand why we cant just jump in the car and go see Jazz like we use to.

Any way, the point to all this is that Simone's blogs have made things easier for us so I thought maybe if I could start a blog here at home so that they could keep up to date with all of us.

By all means, I am not the blogger that she is . She makes it look so easy and really fun. We will see how I do but it will for sure be a work in progress. I have already deleted the whole page trying to download a picture on here.
Jason and Simone

Yeah I did it without deleting it!