August 26, 2008

Painting Party

Yesterday Angie came over to help me get the painting done in the kitchen. We still are not done but a lot closer than we were. I hate 11 foot ceilings. Did I mention that? We had a lot of fun. Well, I had a lot of fun watching and carrying around a paint brush so that I looked busy. HeHeHe. Shhhhh, don't tell. The kids helped entertain grandpa John by putting on a movie for him and keeping him out of our way. We just need one more coat on two walls and finish some edging and we will be done.

My cup so that I can look busy. =D

Date Night

Saturday was a great day. Me and Tim took some time and had a date night. We have not had one of those in a long while. Well, other than the other night when Sarah and Andy was so sweet to watch the kids just so we could have a short break. The older they get, what a hand full they are.

Saturday started with us dropping us with the darling Donna Momma. The kids were so excited. Serenity has been begging to stay the night at grandma and grandpa's. She even took her piano so that she could show grandpa what she learned.

Second, we went to have lunch and get the gift for the wedding that we would be attending later in the evening. We had lunch at PF Changs. He was sooooo good. It was nice to be able to carry a conversation with Tim without having to stop and yell at the kids for throwing food or spitting spit balls at each other.

From there we went to a birthday party for our friend Chrissy that we have not seen in a long time. The last time that we saw them was for their baby's first birthday. He is 19 months now. She was turning 30 so they had a big BBQ for her at their house. They had a Jupiter Jump for the kids and 5 foot long sub sandwiches. He was great to reconnect with some of those friends that we have not seen in a long time.

We then went back home to change for a wedding for a friend that Tim works with. It was at Skelly Lodge in Inola, OK. The place was beautiful! The wedding on the other hand. OMG! I have never been to bad wedding, until now. You could tell the bride did not want to get to married. She did NOT do her hair, her makeup, none of the bridesmaids were done up. She did not have any emotion what so ever. After the wedding was over, they had to keep go getting her to make her participate in her own wedding traditions. Things like cutting the cake (she would disappear), first dance (she would disappear), toasts (she would disappear). It was a very uncomfortable wedding.

The view

So we ended up going about 1030 with a few guys that he works with to a bar in Tulsa. It was called the Tin Dog. It was literally a hole in the wall. If you didn't know it was there you would never be able to find it. It was a lot of fun hanging out with them and getting to know them better. (From what I remember)

This is Thad

We ended the night at the Village Inn at about 2:00 down the street from the bar. The guys he works with kept calling it the Village Idiot. I love going to breakfast places like that early in the a.m. because you get to watch all the drunk people come in trying to sober up. It makes for great stories, but that is another blog.

This is Tim's boss Chance his wife Lori (in yellow and black)
That is Dre and Stevie in the back

This is Sam and his girlfriend

August 22, 2008

Do Re Me

Today was Serenity's first day of piano lessons. I was so proud of her. Her teachers name is Amberly. She was great with her. She told me that Serenity has great coordination for her age. Most of them can not wiggle their fingers one at a time. By the time you get to the middle finger, ring finger and pinkie, you move other fingers along with them. Does that make sense? That one is hard to explain. Reni could do it. I have trouble with that one.

They worked on quarter notes and half notes. Several times she would say things to Serenity and I would think to myself "That is way over her head.", but then she would do it. She surprises me all the time how grown up and smart she is. I still think of her as this little baby who would only sleep as long as she was on my chest. I can't wait to see her progress. Then next lesson is on Monday. But for now. We have homework. Yes, that's right. We have piano homework.

Go Team Go

London is the first grade this year. (To answer your question, Yes I feel old) That means that she is now old enough to be in cheerleading. She has been practicing for a couple of years now so she is very excited.

They came over Thursday so that I could help her with making a sign for her pep rally yesterday. I also helped fix her skirt because every time she would jump her skirt would fall around her ankles. I don't think that would be good. Funny maybe, but not good.

London Mae Toops Age 6

We attended her pep rally yesterday. It was really cute but LOUD! They only got to do one cheer then we had to watch the 2,3,4,5 and 6 grade cheer leaders get there teams all worked up. It lasted about 30 minutes and then it was over. Her first game is Saturday but we will not be able to be there because of a wedding so that is why we went to the rally.

Not a good picture, but all the other ones were to dark.


I don't think I could of picked a brighter flower for my blog page. I will be working on that. It wouldn't let me use the picture that I wanted. It kept giving me an error. That will have to be another night though. I am way to tired and have two blogs to post.

August 18, 2008

We won!!!

A couple of months ago we got a knock on the door from a lady wanting to nominate us for proberty of the month in Claremore. Of course we agreed but have not heard anything for months. Well, John got a call at work about a week ago saying we won for the month of September. He was recongized at the court house today. We will have a sign in our yard saying Property of the month and we got a certificate. We will be in the Claremore paper with a little story of the house. I am so proud that our hard work has paid off.

Food is never safe again!

I am always telling the kids that they can't leave their plates were Eli can get them. Triston hasn't learned his lesson yet. Let's just say he did today. Eli watched him walk away, crawled to the couch ( very fast might I say), pulled up and got him a sammy. He shoved it in his mouth as fast as could before Triston saw him. He really enjoyed it. Can I have another please?

Wild Imaginations

Triston is super creative. It can always make something out of nothing. This is one of my old camera cases and a piece of plastic out of a shoe. You know to help the shoe keep it's shape before you by it. He told me it was coffee. He asked me if I wanted a drink. It took me a little bit to figure out what he was saying, but once I did I couldn't stop laughing. It was just so cute!

First Day Of School

Today was Reni's first day of REAL school. She started kindergarten at Legacy Christian School. It was quit the ordeal to get her enrolled in school.

First we were trying to get her into Lincoln. We got a letter from them telling us that they were full and to submit our application in Feb for the 1st grade. Then we got a letter saying they had some cancellations and to get in the rest of the application. So we did that just so that they could tell us that they were full again. Made me mad. It was the same week that public school starts.

So then I try to get her into Claremont Elementary which is literally only one block away from our house. They were full. I didn't think public school could turn you away. I guess the rule is they can't, but they can send you to another school.

I was boiling at this point. I go to Broken Arrow and try to enroll her into Liberty Elementary across from Aunt Sissy's house. I was thinking this would be great, she could just ride the bus to her house in the afternoons. They told me that they were full so they probably would not accept a transfer.

At this point I am yelling curse words in the car with the windows rolled up so no little kids will hear me. I am by myself, by the way. I go back to Claremore to the school that Claremont told me to go to. Did I mention I was going to have to go and fill out paper work for a district transfer when this school is only two more blocks away from my house? So I go in and talk with them. Their program was only from 8-10 am. What the hell is that? By the time you get the kids to sit down and shut up class is over. At this point I was thinking what other choice do I have. They would not help me! They told me to go home and think it over. Then she told me that I could check into Legacy Christian.

I left in tears! I went to a place of comfort, Payless. I walked around and breathe and looked at all the shoes. Then I went back out and called Legacy. They still had openings and were so nice to me on the phone. She told me to call the Superintendents office that it was law that they could not turn me away. I tried calling twice with no answer. I then called Tim and talked everything over with him. He told me to follow my heart so I followed it all the way to Legacy. They were the nicest people. They even gave me a bag of uniforms for Serenity. They showed me all around the school and introduced me to her teacher, Mrs. Hendricks. She is so cute. I knew Reni would love her.

Back to the beginning, Serenity loved her first day. I had to stay with her for a little while at first while they were in Chapel singing praise and worship and saying their pledges. After that I walked her to her classroom and helped her hang her backpack. I helped her to her seat and then they started her lesson. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked away with a broken heart. I hit me so much harder than I thought it would. I wanted to run back in there and take her back home with me. When I got to the car I just wanted to cry. She is all grown up. What a big girl.

August 17, 2008


We finally finished the final step to our birdhouses today. Tim has been promising Serenity that they would hang the birdhouses. She wanted him to take her the beach today (the lake) but they compromised on hanging the birdhouses. They were ecstatic. They keep dancing around out there trying to reach them. So I had to give her the talk that birds are going to make those their homes and have babies in there and if she knocks it down she will kill the babies. Harsh but she hasn't tried to touch it again. She is excited to have a bird family move in.


Today we started the same we start off every Sunday. By being late to church. We served at the 11:30 and then attended the 1:00. We ran into Sarah and Andy. They were so sweet to watch the kids for us last night so that we could have a much needed date night. My camera battery was dead yesterday so I had to get pictures today.

After church we went to the car wash. We do this every Sunday after church. I have decided who needs Disney Land. Our kids get just as excited with the car wash as they do anything else. It cost alot less too.

Plus they always give us lots of suckers when we go. That is probably why they enjoy going so much. Triston is actually terrified of the car wash. He always screams when the brushes get to his window. The suckers make it all worth it, I guess. Even Eli enjoyed his sugary treat.

Sweet Serenity

Serenity is always getting into my closet and wearing my heels around the house. I say that she can walk better in them than I can. Yesterday when I came back into the room I found her in my heeled boots. She was having no trouble walking around in them. It is so much more funny in person. They seem to be her favorite's for the moment.

Like her outfit? She dressed herself.

Triston felt left out. He wanted me to take a picture of his butt. His words, not mine.

kids being kids

As you know we have been painting our kitchen. Tim has finally joined me on the color and is finishing the painting. Serenity has been begging him to let her paint since I brought the stuff home. Finally yesterday he gave in and let them help. They were so cute. Triston kept telling us that he was painting a bainbow (aka rainbow). It did not take long until they had paint everywhere and we had to follow their trail and wash the paint off the floor. But what a memory it made.

August 15, 2008

What do you think?

I found a great deal on some pictures that I have been looking for the kitchen and breakfast nook in our house. We couldn't hang them until we paint so I went and got the paint that I wanted for the kitchen. It is called Merlot. I wanted a purple red because that is just what I had envisioned for that room. I love it. Tim does not. He painted one wall and said he won't do any more because it is too rich for that room. I do not agree. So here I leave it up to you all. I need some people on my side. What do you think?


One word I never really use to describe myself is girly. I don't like very girly things and am not flashy at all. BUT when I saw this purse something happened. I just fell in love with it. It is so cute with the giraffe print and pink edging. It makes me feel so girly. I love it.

Of course I had to have the wallet too. It matches.