April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

It has been said that listing what we are thankful for increases our happiness by 25%. Why would you not? Here is what I am thankful for today!

1. I am thankful for Children's Tylenol. Serenity has a had a terrible cough and fever this week. Nothing breaks my heart more than when one of my kids are sick. The little whimper voice, sunken eyes, just laying around and doing nothing. A dose of Tylenol did not make things perfect but would sure help with the crying and fever. I am thankful that she could go to school today.

2. I am soooo thankful for my Aunt. She is babysitting for me again this season. Tim does not want our kids in daycare for his reasons and I agree with him. Thanks to her I get to do a job that I love and know that they are more than well taken care of. The best thing is that they LOVE her because she feeds them junk but at least they do not cry when I leave (which breaks my heart) Plus she is just down the street from where I am working.

3. I am thankful for my step dad being much stronger than I. My mom passed away 2 years ago in July. I have been putting off getting her a tombstone just because it was so hard. Not just that but it made it all final. I was not ready to let go. I could plan the funeral and everything else. I just could not do this. John stepped and could see how hard this was for me. He did it...secretly. That kind of made me mad at first but now I am just relieved. I got up enough strength in me today to go and see it. It is very beautiful and looks like something that she would have picked out herself. Thank you John.

4. I am thankful for the crock pot. This time of year I just don't have any time. Everyone beats me home. Since the adults that beat me home are male they just sit and wait for me to come home to eat anything. You think that some trigger would go off sometimes that says "Hey, I am hungry. I think I will start dinner before Mandy gets home." Nope doesn't work that way. With the crock pot I can put dinner on before I leave the house, turn it on and voila! They have dinner when they get home before I do.

5. I am thankful for friends. All friends; blogging friends, church friends, family friends, etc. They make life so much softer because life is HARD! It is so nice to always to have people to go when you need advice, just need to have fun or when you need a hard belly laugh. Or even when you need someone to be there with chocolate ice cream while you spill your guts about how you are going to cut your husband in his sleep. (not really but sure feel like it sometimes =p ) Everyone should have friends. If you don't have any let me know. I think I am a pretty good one. =)

April 14, 2009

8 things tag

So I read a blog ( Don't Bug me, I'm Blogging) and then I got tagged. What a fun way to get to know each other.

8 things I am looking forward to:

1. My 10 year class reunion in May
2. My 10 year wedding anniversary in November
3. My best friends 32nd birthday party on Friday. BYOB ;)
4. That the kids are now all old enough to go camping
5. Warm days and nights
6. Getting to go boating
7. Seeing all the plants and flowers bloom
8. School being out for the summer so I can sleep a longer

8 things I did yesterday

1. pulled out all my hair due to kids. (not really but sure felt like it)
2. Worked
3. Ordered Pizza for dinner
4. Chased a little mouse that has decided to move into my closet
5. Beat my kids (not really but sure felt like it)
6. Did some laundry
7. Did taxes
8. Answered my many many phone calls

8 things I wish I could do

1. Speak Spanish
2. Sew. I would love to make Reni pretty little dresses
3. Fly
4. Many many things at once
5. cook like they do on food network
6. Decorate beautiful cakes
7. Run a marathon
8. Well really just run

8 shows I watch on Tv

1. Greys
2. ER (and now its gone. boo hoo)
3. Desperate Housewives
4. Medium
5. Food Network Challenge
6. Iron Chef America
7. The Real Housewives of every place
8. Brothers and Sisters

8 People I tag

1. WidneyWoman
2. Tales of the Fairy Blog Mother
3. Lit and Laundry
4. Obnoxious SAHM
5. Crazy thing called Mother Hood
6. Any One who reads this
7. The polka Dot Daisy
8. Thoughts on Everything and nothing

Sorry this list is kind of numbing. I am so tired that I really just cant think or make since really.
Go ahead and play along. Maybe your list will be way better.

Small act of Kindness

I don't have much time but I have to tell you what happened to me just a little bit ago. This is a God's honest to truth story.

I was in Quik Trip in Broken Arrow with all three kids getting them some donuts and chocolate milk before taking them to my aunts for the day while I went to work. When we got what we needed we went back to the car. While we were sitting there putting straws in milk and opening up the cups of donut holes Reni was smiling and waving back and forth with the lady in the car next to us. Reni told me "Mommy that lady smiled at me." I told her she should smile back because that would be nice of her. After just a bit I look up in my mirror and I see the lady (who was a small and very cute oriental lady in her early to mid 30's I believe. It is hard to tell age with them) coming around the back side of my truck. I rolled down my window and this is what she said. Hold your boots and have tissue.

She told me that she did not want to offend me but that she could not have any children and that my children were so well behaved and just so cute. She handed me a $100 bill and asked if I could take this get them some toys for her. WHAT?!!!! I know!! I was totally in shock and did not know what to say. I told her "You don't have to do this." But she kept telling me that she was not able to have children and that she just wanted to do this for them. I did not know what to do so I just told her thank you and took the money and told her that I would.

When I was leaving I was still so shocked and did not know what to think. I just kept thinking that I needed to donate the money to charity or something because believe me when I tell you that my children are not without lots and lots of toys. But I thought I told her that I would do this for her so I will. But what I will do is pay it forward. I will bless someone else with such kind words and with just as great a blessing as that. You know as a mother how great it feels to be told how wonderful your kids are. I am not ashamed to take the credit for that. I have the grey hairs to prove it.

I just had to share this story. Just when you start to lose hope in the people around you someone goes and does something so selfless. How amazing is that!

April 9, 2009

ZzzzzZzzzzZzzzz! Huh!? What!? Did someone say something?

Funny title I know but it is so true. I am dead tired. Remember me saying that I had the IUD taking out. When mother nature came to visit and stayed for a very long time and was very heavy. It was a reaction to taking it out, says the Dr. "You should be back to normal in no time." says the male Dr. Well it finally stopped but now I am anemic and having to take some iron. I have always been border line anemic since I was a little girl. I use to pass out all the time.

So needless to say, I am drained. I am behind on everything. I tried to take the day off yesterday to rest and re-energize. Yeah right! My phone just kept blowing up and over the most stupid stuff. Why do men act so incompetent when you are out of the office? I don't get it. My blog has really payed the price. I have a lot of reading to do and have to posts that need to be posted. Being Easter weekend that probably wont happen till next week. Just know that I love you all and I hope to back to normal soon. Prayers appreciated!

April 2, 2009

Knowing Me, Knowing You April

It is time again for the monthly interview by The Fairy Blog Mother. I love doing these. She comes up with such great questions! So link over and join in.

1. Who does the grocery shopping in your family?

Um that would be me. Tim hates to go shopping so he always volunteers to stay home with the kids. He does not like the stress of fighting our way down our local Wal-Mart on the weekend. It makes him very cranky so I don't mind him staying home. I usually go on Sunday evenings so that I can get ready and prepped for the week. I take one kid with me. They get to take turns but the other always cries when we leave. I have to admit I like when Reni goes the best right now because she helps me with my list. Plus it helps her with her reading. Plus if you are a family on a budget check out http://www.e-mealz.com/. They plan out your menu and make you a grocery list. Sorry I went way off subject.

2. Are you watching American Idol? If so, who are you picking to win it?

I use to when it first came out but I don't anymore. I never agree with what they have to say or with who usually gets to win. Plus Simon pisses me off soooo bad I just want to punch him in the face a lot of the time! (deep breathe) I guess for me it has just gotten old. I do however love to watch during audition week. Best laughs ever.

3. What is your favorite type of fruit?

I would have to say strawberries. Pineapple makes a close second. I really like kiwi too but I always forget about it when I go to the store. When it see it in fruit cups or something I always love to pick it out. Yummy.

4. Are you a night owl or a morning person?

I have always thought of myself as a morning person but since kids it has really been the latter. I stay up later just for the peace and quit that I don't get any other time of the day. It lets me regroup and get organized for the next day. BUT since I stay up late it makes it hard to get up the next morning. I love Friday nights. I stay up late and watch movies and then I get to sleep late the next morning. I look forward to it every week.

5. Speaking of bed--when you're sleeping do you have your socks on or do you take them off?

It just depends. Most of time I have them on. I am always border line anemic and have been since I was a girl so I am always freezing. I sleep better with socks on. However, when my Aunt Flow comes to visit during that special time of month I can not stand to have socks on. Even clothes touching my skin irritate me. I do wear clothes to bed though. =) Okay way to much info.