February 24, 2009

By Popular Demand

Widney Woman say on facebook (yeah I'm a junky too) a survey that I had filled out about me and Tim. She said blog it so here is my love story.

Our story all starts with Tim's sister Sarah. I first moved to Catoosa when I was in the 9Th grade. Me and Sarah had journalism together and became friends right away. It really was not until our 10 grade year that we just became inseparable. If I was not at her house,she was at my house. When I first met Sarah, Tim was not around much. He was in the Marines and was gone at his school and boot camp for a while. I do remember the first time that I saw him. Me and Sarah were at a school dance and he came to give us a drive home. He was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. I instantly had the worlds biggest crush on him.
During our 10Th and 11Th grade year Tim would do all kinds of stuff with us. He was almost always our ride to were ever we wanted to go. He would tag along on our school outings with drama club, he was our chaperon on our girls only camping trips in the back of their land, he would take us to concerts and movies as a group, etc. I would always do what ever I had to to be the one standing next to him or sitting by him, whatever. Everyone knew what a huge crush I had on him. They gave me such a hard time about it. To Tim I was just a little kid. There was 4 years difference between the two of us.
I remember when I got my first car and i took it over to show it off to the Widney's. Daryl had helped me get it by doing work for him. I asked Tim if he wanted to drive it. He got in it and started driving it like it was a go cart. Well it kind of was. It was Geo Tracker. Next thing I know he starts off roading it and we are all bouncing and flying all over the place. Every time Sarah would ask me if I wanted to stay over I would always ask if Tim was going to be there. I loved being with her most but Tim was just the bonus. He was dating a girl then (I wont mention her name...Marcy) that treated him like crap. He was not around much. Me and Sarah would always stay up late watching movies and Space Ghost =) and fall asleep in the floor. He would end up stepping on us on his way in at night. He was like a big brother.
Then the happy day happened. It was around the time of my 18th birthday party. I had started talking to a guy that he graduated with. For some reason this changed things for Tim. He told me later that me dating someone his age made him jealous and changed the way he looked at me. I was no longer like a little sister. He got into competition for my attention with the other guy. I noticed that something was different but you have to understand. Me and Tim being together was so out there to me. It would be like me and Brad Pitt dating. Why would someone like him be into someone like me?
It took a day or two for me to get it...he was flirting with me. I got up the nerve to ask him about it. He told me yes but that nothing could ever happen between us because our families were so close. He said that we could be friends. I was heart broken but I was not about to give up. I knew we were suppose to be together. Love at First Sight. Corny I know,but it was true.
Well then Halloween came around and my moms company was doing a haunted house for the United Way. They were needing some big guys to be demons and such. She asked Tim and the other guy that I had been talking to. Me and Tim flirted so hard all night, all weekend. On the last day, which was Halloween, he brought one of his friends Greg to volunteer too. I was so mad because I did not think he would pay me so much attention with him there. He did though. After the Haunted House was over we headed to downtown to try and go to another haunted house. It was closed so we just headed out to hang out. We ended up out by the river. Greg wanted us to play truth and dare. I would always pick truth because I just knew they were going to make me go out in the dark by myself and I do not like the dark at all. Especially when there are woods with things that can eat you in them. Finally after they had asked me to many questions I did not want to answer I picked dare. Greg dared me to kiss Tim. I was sooooo embarrassed. I was thinking it would be a really fast peck and then that would be it. NO IT WAS NOT. That was the best kiss of my life. I felt it in my toes. I knew then that I was going to marry him. Crazy I know, but I knew he was my match. He then drove me home that night and we talked until the sun started to come up. I remember the sunset. It was a beautiful deep purple with streaks of bright red orange. I will never forget it. We were inseparable from that night on.
Our first real date was when he came and picked me up from my job at Old Navy. We did not talk a whole lot. It was kind of weird and very surreal for me. I felt like I was dreaming. We did everything together. We would go running just about every night. I loved to run back then and really miss it now that I am a fatty Mcfatterson.
We dated for about a year. We then started to talk about marriage and decided that we wanted to. There was not really a proposal. It was an agreement that we came to together. I am okay with that. When he got me the ring, he came upstairs with a silly little grin on his face. I asked him what he was up to. He then put my boots on the bed and told me to pick a shoe. I remember thinking "What the hell?" I picked a shoe and it was the right one. Inside was a black box with the wedding set in it. He did good. It was gorgeous. Unfortunately, I can no longer wear it because yeah McFatterson.
Well, this year we will be married for 10 years!!! He is still my shooting star. I can't believe that I was ever able to catch him. It still feels like yesterday when we went on that first date. Now we just have three screaming kids in the back seat. When did that happen? I don't know but it sure was fun getting here.
Anything else you want to know about me? Don't be shy, just ask.
(ps: he is going to kill me over that picture but its his own fault for always goofing off when I try to take a picture. Widney Woman knows what I mean.)


  1. LOL!! I started saying in my head, "But he ALWAYS goofs off in pictures!" and there you said it.

    I don't know if I never heard the ring story, or if I had forgotten it. It was nice to hear. At least you got an engagement ring and a boot story!!

    I remember what a HUGE crush you had on him. Truly, it was obvious! LOL.

  2. What a touching and wonderful love story! Candid and well told. Congratulations on 10 years and a beautiful family!