September 27, 2008

Eli at it again

He has now figured out how to get to the kids table. None of the kids food is safe. Triston left his muffin at the table and he found it. Me and Angie came around the corner and this is what we found. He was eating it paper and all. He just scooted it to the edge and was digging in. I can't wait to see what he does to his birthday cake!

Saturday Travels

I finally did not have to work on a Saturday. It was such a good feeling. Except that Tim volunteered to work on a Saturday so I still did not get to sleep in. I started by dropping him and then going to Target to get a baby gift for little Wyatt. I had to go home before going to the shower and Reni was about to drive me crazy. She was trying to rush me through everything.

I then went to the Co-ed baby shower, that was husband told me that he would meet me at, by myself with the three kids. Still getting over that one. It was really cute and laid back. I like those kind of showers. The food was great. Kelly did a great job. I thought I didn't have my camera on me so I didn't get a picture of the cake before they cut it. I did get a couple before I left though.

The boys looking for the toys in the presents.

Grandma Donna met us there. When the shower was over, we headed to the mall to get Eli his first pair of walking shoes for his birthday on Monday. We then walked around the mall for a little bit and of course had to go to the apple store. My camera battery died in stride rite so I had to take pictures with grandmas new iphone. I could not get them to email to me so I will have to get them later. We played in the playground for a bit and then headed home for naps. I really like the kids naps more than they do.

The selection we made. We tried a couple but grandma liked these and so did mommy.

Eli trying them out. I think we have a winner.

Family Days

Thursday, I was to tired to do anything for dinner so we decided to go to dinner in Claremore at the Superking Catfish and Steakhouse. The place is always packed out so we thought we would try it. I do NOT recommend it. It was not all that great. I guess I am just use to the way my grandpa made fish. Nothing else compares.

After eating all that grease we decided to go to Claremore Lake and let the kids play in the park. It was such a great evening for it. I love it at Claremore Lake. It so family friendly.

While we were there, Reni started playing with this little girl. I really didn't think anything of it because she makes friends everywhere she goes. She told me that the girl goes to her school. I thought no big deal, it is a small town, kind of. We then decided to walk to the bridge to see if we could see any turtles. The little girl asked if she could go and I told her she had to ask. She came back and said that her grandma said that it was okay. I turned to go and talk to when I realized who it was. It was Margo from Grace Church and The Pink House in Claremore. She is a family friend and her granddaughter goes to school with Reni. Who knew. It really is a small world after all.
Tim took some great pitures of Reni jumping.

I almost forgot to mention...

We got our sign in the yard from the City of Claremore. It showed up on the 2nd of September. I walked out and there it was. No one said anything, no knock on the door. It just appeared. I am so proud of it. I think I might it and keep it all for myself. =) I know, how can I teach my kids to share if I can't even do it. Well this is my response to that. What they don't know, won't hurt them. heheheheheh (evil laugh)

Meet Millie

Everyone, say hello to Millie. We adopted Millie about a two weeks ago. Her previous owners did not take of her and had actually took her to a vet to have her put to sleep. The vet assistant there could not see that happen to her so she took her home and nursed her back to health. I went to do a bid on a job and met her foster owners. They asked me if I would be interested in a wiener dog. I said maybe. When they brought her out to meet me, I just fell in love. She has ruffles on her on front feet! She is so cute and so mild mannered. She is already fixed, has all her shots and is house broken. She is great with kids and takes them tormenting her very well. I totally believe in starting with an older dog when you have younger kids now. That way they have a fighting chance.

September 22, 2008


I had the day off of work today because of Angie being sick. I ride with her so when she called in it stranded me at home. Oh darn a day off. I thought while the boys were sleeping I would take advantage of the time and catch up some blogs. So scroll down and enjoy. I will try to be much better about keeping up with them from now on.

LifeGroup Active

Our life group is official. We have had a really cute couple coming the last couple of weeks. They are a lot of fun and share the same interest as me and Tim. Angie has also been attending. We have just been following along with the message series and getting to know each other. It is very casual and laid back. I like that better than trying to make it so structured.

This has been a great message series. It is called You Don't Have What It Takes. He has hit You can't control the future, people pleasing, and a couple of others. When you get a chance check them out for free online at

Your Rockstar Baby

Serenity is starting to crack me up with her piano. She sits in there with the headset on and plays and sings. This day her song of choice was Jesus Light of my path. This is not the name of the song but is some of the words. I assume that she learned it at school. She knew all the words and if I didn't know any better she was playing like she knew all the keys. Remember she had a headset on so I could not hear what she was playing, but it looked good anyway. I almost teared up because I could just see her in ten years on stage, in front of millions playing her own songs. I am such a proud mommy!

Triston was throwing a huge fit because he wanted to play.

Busy little Bee

Saturday was a busy day for me. Me and Angie had a show at the Broken Arrow Home and Business Expo. It was a joke of a show and did not really benefit us in any way. It was a total waste of a beautiful Saturday. I did walk around and get all the free stuff from vendors. I guess that is only plus from the whole thing.
The pot that I made for the raffle

After we got done with the show at 4:00, I went home and started working on baby shower invitations. They should have been done two weeks ago but as you know I have had no time to work on them. Sarah Jo came over and helped. I was so glad because she did the parts that I hate, like inserting the brads into the holes. We had a lot of fun and talked a lot about baby stuff and labor and delivery. She stayed till 11:30. We were enjoying conversation so much we didn't even realize what time it was.

Hi Baby Wyatt.

Mi Familia

Last Sunday my little familia decided to go and have lunch Johnny Carino's after church. We do this often on Sunday's because our little family of five can eat there for $25. Usually we keep Eli in his baby seat and just put him in a sling. Well, we decided that we would just carry him inside and put him in a highchair. He was such a big boy. BUT, yes there is a but, he kept getting into everything. Not only that he wanted to stand in the seat not sit. The strap on it was broken so we couldn't strap him down. It was a real juggle to keep him in that seat. He did do a little better once the food came. Then he just yells at you because you can't shove it in fast enough.
Eli standing in the chair
Serenity and her straw mustache

Triston and his handsome Daddy

Feeding himself

Elisha's Birthday

About a week ago was Elisha's third birthday. Me and Angie had to work late so on our way home we stopped and got a few groceries and a cupcake cake. We also got a few gifts for him to open. We decided that it would be something cute, short and sweet. It was a nice day.

Puppy dog cake made of cupcakes.ElishaOf Course Tim can't take a normal picture.Angie, Elisha's mommyOpening presents
The only paper we could find to wrap it in.

Couldn't wait to wear his new Lightning McQueen Shirt

Everyone playing with new toys.

September 16, 2008

Short but Sweet

I am so far behind on my bog it is not even funny. Toops Landscaping did a booth at the House Beautiful Show last weekend. Now I have been running like crazy. I am working about 14 to 16 hour days. On top of that I am planning a baby shower and trying to keep my house clean, run a lifegroup and raise children and one husband. I am a little over whelmed to say the least. But you know what I love being me and this crazy life I have created. The point is to let you know where I have been and to let you know that I will be back soon.

September 1, 2008

Blog day

I have declared Sundays as Catch Up On Blogs Day. It seems like I never have time to do my blogs but on Sundays. So from now on I will just do my blogs on Sundays. That will put a lot less pressure on me to find time during the week. See you all again next week.


I am a firm believer in Karma. What ever you say or do will come back around and bite you right square in the ass. My children are my karma. I was a terrible little kid. Therefore my children, yeah you know were I am going with this.

Sunday I had to stay home from church because Eli is teething and was running a fever and snotting all over the place. To make things easier on Tim I kept Triston with me and he took Serenity and went on the church. Triston spent the morning playing with the umbrella stroller. Towards the end of the morning he was climbing in it and leaning back. No sooner than I said Stop doing that you are going to fall, than it happened. He fell back and smacked his face on the tile right in front of the front door. He busted both his top and bottom lip and clipped away about half of one of his front teeth. Blood everywhere.

Tim's mom is always saying, He acts just like you. So I am thinking, why do I have to pay for Tim's karma. I know, I'm in it too.

Finally Finished

Friday Tim was up until 230 am finishing the paint in the kitchen. He did not want my help. He said that I would just be in his way and he could get done faster with out me in there. I didn't argue. When I woke up on Saturday it was done. It was beautiful. I love it so much. It is the exact color that I imagined in my head when I decided to do red. We got all the pictures all hung up. Finally I feel like this is our home. After one year it is truly home. One room down, the rest of the house to go.

My mom bought me these for our last christmas

Triston kept climbing the ladder and saying "Mom look at me, I'm big."