February 3, 2009


So Triston has THE best grandma and grandpa ever. They got him tickets to see Walking with Dinosaurs for his early birthday present. They were going to go with us but called last minute to a business meeting in NY so Aunt Sarah and her niece Katie came along with us. We started with dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse. We ate in the trolley (he loves trains as well) that they have in the middle of the restaurant. They sang happy birthday to him. I thought it would freak him out but he loved it. After cake and ice cream we headed to the BOK. I won't mention that Sarah got lost in the wrong parking garage and Tim had go and find her causing us to be a few minutes late. =) In her defense she felt so bad.

So we get to our seats and they are fabulous. We were only 5 rows from the floor. It was like we were right there. They were absolutely amazing! The kids.... totally freaked out! I was most worried about Triston. We spent weeks preparing.

Mommy ask "What do dinosaurs eat?"
Triston "Dinosaurs eat rass. Not mommy.Not daddy. Not Eli. Not Serenity. Not the house."
Mommy "Yes, that's right. Dinosaurs eat grass. Not bubbys."

Well when the show starts, Triston is fine. Eli on the other hand is grabbing and clawing trying to get the heck out of there. He is trying to climb over the back of us just screaming. I had to use Katie's jacket like a blankey so that he would calm down. We were okay after that. I had to show Serenity were they were robots and that they were not real in order to get her to come out from behind my back and stop crying. Needless to say, after all the commotion they loved it! Triston asked if they could go home with him. Serenity wanted to go back the next day. I wanted to go back the next day! It was so incredible.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for getting tickets to the most awesome dinosaur show in the world!!!

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  1. What a great birthday present! Looks like it was a great show.