August 15, 2008

Who's That Guy?

Tim finally got sick of his hair. He was out mowing the yard and just got to hot. It has been driving him crazy for a while. He told me he was going up to take a shower. When I went up to go to bed I found him in the bathroom and hair was everywhere. I was shocked and a little heart broken at first. I loved his previous hair style. But then it set it. He looks like the guy that I first dated. It is fleshing to see his beautiful face again.
The cross in the background looks like he has a bow in his hair.
Side view

Blue Steel Pose


  1. OMG!!!! What is with these Widney men? You can't let them go to the bathroom by themselves. You never know what they are going to cut off!

  2. it looks good. it makes him look younger.