August 12, 2008

Girl Day

Friday I got a text from Kelly saying that she missed me and we needed to get together. I know this hard to believe but yes people do like being around me. I asked her if she had ever been to the Pink House and she had not. So of course I had to take her there. We had a great time. We caught up on our summer and laughed a lot at each other. We even reminisced about my mom because the Pink House is were the two us use to always go. It is such a great place to go to be with your girlfriends. We did some shopping afterwards and just enjoyed being with each other. I miss seeing my girls every week at group. I can't wait for school to start so that we see each other more often. Kelly is such a great friend. She is a great shoulder to cry or is always good for a laugh when you need one. The best thing about her is that you don't even have to tell her when you need her, she just always seems to know. You just get a call out of no where. That really makes me feel connected. What a comfort to know there are people out there that get me and accept me for just who I am. You can't find that just everywhere.

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