August 22, 2008

Do Re Me

Today was Serenity's first day of piano lessons. I was so proud of her. Her teachers name is Amberly. She was great with her. She told me that Serenity has great coordination for her age. Most of them can not wiggle their fingers one at a time. By the time you get to the middle finger, ring finger and pinkie, you move other fingers along with them. Does that make sense? That one is hard to explain. Reni could do it. I have trouble with that one.

They worked on quarter notes and half notes. Several times she would say things to Serenity and I would think to myself "That is way over her head.", but then she would do it. She surprises me all the time how grown up and smart she is. I still think of her as this little baby who would only sleep as long as she was on my chest. I can't wait to see her progress. Then next lesson is on Monday. But for now. We have homework. Yes, that's right. We have piano homework.

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