August 12, 2008

LifeGroup News

So me and Tim have been thinking about starting a lifegroup for a long time. If you don't know what a lifegroup is, it is mainly a small bible study group. Our church does not have church on Wednesday nights, instead they have little pod groups that meet all days of the group. Any way back to the story. We have been thinking about starting one but out of fear and having no time we have kept from it. Well, after much prayer and conversation together we have decided to go ahead and do it and see what happens. Our only problem was how we were going to break it to our lifegroup that we are in now without them yelling at us.

So we got a email about our monthly dinner that was coming up. Jason and Kelly (our lifegroup leaders) are not going to be leading our lifegroup anymore. What that means is that everyone in our lifegroup would have to find another group or someone would have to step up and take over our group. Isn't that crazy that we would be lead to start one at the same time that ours is splitting up.
So at our group we all had a great time fellowshipping with each other. We used a ball of yarn and took turns sharing how the group and Lifechurch.TV has changed our lives. It was very touching and funny at the same time. It was really touching. We were all crying and laughing at the same time. By the end we had formed a large spider web that we could not keep the kids out of.
I am heart broken and excited at the same time. I have been with this group for a year and a half but feel like I have known these people my whole life. They are not just our friends, they are my family. I find comfort in knowing that they will continue to be a part of our lives. I can't wait to build new relationships with the group that we are starting. We have already had people call us interested in coming. Our first official meeting will be Sept 3. You know you will hear about that one.
Our spider web

Megan and Eve. The ladies of the house that we were meating at.

Girls self portrait. Me, Whitney and Kelly

The boys making fun of the girls. Ain't they cute! Jason, Brad and Tim

Brad and Mark showing some love

No we were not drinking (of smoking) anything

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  1. OMG!! Those pictures are hysterical! I'm glad to hear you and Tim are stepping up to leadership roles. And I am confident you ladies will continue your friendship. The bond that you have developed has been clearly evident from the outside looking in, for a long time.