August 17, 2008


We finally finished the final step to our birdhouses today. Tim has been promising Serenity that they would hang the birdhouses. She wanted him to take her the beach today (the lake) but they compromised on hanging the birdhouses. They were ecstatic. They keep dancing around out there trying to reach them. So I had to give her the talk that birds are going to make those their homes and have babies in there and if she knocks it down she will kill the babies. Harsh but she hasn't tried to touch it again. She is excited to have a bird family move in.


  1. The kids look so adorable in these photos. Reni looks like such a big girl!!! Is it just me, or is Tim starting to look more like Jason in that 2nd to last picture?

  2. I don't see it. Jason is not that dark...or muscular. I just had to say it. I tried not to. See the ... That was me pausing.