August 18, 2008

First Day Of School

Today was Reni's first day of REAL school. She started kindergarten at Legacy Christian School. It was quit the ordeal to get her enrolled in school.

First we were trying to get her into Lincoln. We got a letter from them telling us that they were full and to submit our application in Feb for the 1st grade. Then we got a letter saying they had some cancellations and to get in the rest of the application. So we did that just so that they could tell us that they were full again. Made me mad. It was the same week that public school starts.

So then I try to get her into Claremont Elementary which is literally only one block away from our house. They were full. I didn't think public school could turn you away. I guess the rule is they can't, but they can send you to another school.

I was boiling at this point. I go to Broken Arrow and try to enroll her into Liberty Elementary across from Aunt Sissy's house. I was thinking this would be great, she could just ride the bus to her house in the afternoons. They told me that they were full so they probably would not accept a transfer.

At this point I am yelling curse words in the car with the windows rolled up so no little kids will hear me. I am by myself, by the way. I go back to Claremore to the school that Claremont told me to go to. Did I mention I was going to have to go and fill out paper work for a district transfer when this school is only two more blocks away from my house? So I go in and talk with them. Their program was only from 8-10 am. What the hell is that? By the time you get the kids to sit down and shut up class is over. At this point I was thinking what other choice do I have. They would not help me! They told me to go home and think it over. Then she told me that I could check into Legacy Christian.

I left in tears! I went to a place of comfort, Payless. I walked around and breathe and looked at all the shoes. Then I went back out and called Legacy. They still had openings and were so nice to me on the phone. She told me to call the Superintendents office that it was law that they could not turn me away. I tried calling twice with no answer. I then called Tim and talked everything over with him. He told me to follow my heart so I followed it all the way to Legacy. They were the nicest people. They even gave me a bag of uniforms for Serenity. They showed me all around the school and introduced me to her teacher, Mrs. Hendricks. She is so cute. I knew Reni would love her.

Back to the beginning, Serenity loved her first day. I had to stay with her for a little while at first while they were in Chapel singing praise and worship and saying their pledges. After that I walked her to her classroom and helped her hang her backpack. I helped her to her seat and then they started her lesson. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked away with a broken heart. I hit me so much harder than I thought it would. I wanted to run back in there and take her back home with me. When I got to the car I just wanted to cry. She is all grown up. What a big girl.

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  1. I was saying WTH with you on that 8-10 am rubbish.

    I'm so glad you go Reni in Legacy. It sounds like the people are super nice. Cute backpack. Reni looks 10 in these pictures!! and I do love the look on her face in that last pic.

    And hey! No crying. You are doing what you are supposed to do: Train up a child in the way they should go. Our job is to help them grow up. No tears, just pats on the back!