August 12, 2008

The Lake

Friday afternoon Grandpa Daryl called and invited us to the lake to play on the boat. I left my camera in the car so I didn't get any pictures of us on the boat but Angie did so I will have to edit this when I get those. We had a great time on the tube and watching Tim doing tricks on the knee board. Instead of doing the drive home we decided to camp out at Lake Skiatook. It was a very interesting adventure. There was only three tents where we were staying but still managed to set up camp by some underage drinkers. Serenity and Triston were exposed to a whole lot of new words, if you know what I mean. To help to keep them from remembering those words we hurried and put them to bed. Me and Tim then spent then spent the evening enjoying the show.

It first started with drunk teenagers running to the lake and skinny dipping. We of course could not see them but could hear all of the commotion. It was very entertaining. Then when that wore them out, they came back to shore to continue their drinking and commotion. It was at this point that we realized there was an adult over there! Yes that is right. There was an adult that was watching over all of this. It was one of the kids Aunt ZeeDee. How do I know her name you ask? Because at the end of their evening one of the boys gets alcohol poisoning and starts to hyperventilate. She is screaming at him "Listen to you aunt ZeeDee and breathe slow. Calm down and breathe slow." If I had had tower on my cell phone I would of called the cops. I just knew that kid was going to quit breathing and I was going to have to give mouth to mouth to some little kid who's aunt let him drink so much vodka that he didn't even remember where he was at.

This is the best part. Once they got the boy to calm down and breathe normally. All of a sudden one of the girls scream. There are then flashlights every where. They had a raccoon that got into their stuff and had a cup stuck on his head. They were chasing it all over their camp and it was crashing into everything. They were all screaming trying to catch it. Me and Tim just about peed our pants. We really did not know what could happen next. It was after they chased the raccoon away that they finally went to sleep and we did not hear another sound. I am not making a single thing up. I know it is hard to believe but it happened. Can you say Oklahoma white trash? I knew you could. =)
We could not keep the kids out of the fire. Another reason why they went to bed early.

Busted for throwing rocks in the fire.



    I was thinking, "What idiots." until the last paragraph. Then I busted out laughing and repeating the above chant. I have tears in my eyes, I'm laughing so hard.

    What happened to your friend that came to the lake with you? And where was Elijah? This was too funny. Thank you.

  2. She went home because she had to meet her ex to drop off the kids in the morning. Eli was with my aunt because I didn't think he would camp very well.