August 17, 2008


Today we started the same we start off every Sunday. By being late to church. We served at the 11:30 and then attended the 1:00. We ran into Sarah and Andy. They were so sweet to watch the kids for us last night so that we could have a much needed date night. My camera battery was dead yesterday so I had to get pictures today.

After church we went to the car wash. We do this every Sunday after church. I have decided who needs Disney Land. Our kids get just as excited with the car wash as they do anything else. It cost alot less too.

Plus they always give us lots of suckers when we go. That is probably why they enjoy going so much. Triston is actually terrified of the car wash. He always screams when the brushes get to his window. The suckers make it all worth it, I guess. Even Eli enjoyed his sugary treat.

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