March 8, 2009

I Really Miss Her

I came across this picture when I was on my old Multiply site today. I found a bunch of pictures on there that I had forgotten about and was copying them off. This is a picture of my mom pushing Reni in a small wagon on Hilton Head Island Beach. This was the last trip that we took together. Me and Tim were up there for two weeks trying out a potential job opportunity. My mom was on vacation the second week that we were going to be there so her and my step dad drove up and brought Serenity with them. Triston was only 6 months old so my aunt kept him because we did not think he would make the drive. This was a big decision for us to make and I could not make it with out her so I wanted her to come so she could give me her opinion. Of course she said not to do it. We are very close and big family. We all live with in 10 minutes of each other and get together all the time. Well, we did when she was alive.

Coming across this picture brings back that day so vividly. How I wish I would have been more in that moment. I am so glad that I had that time with her. We celebrated her birthday while we were there. I remember her ordering a drink when we took her out to dinner. I never saw my mom drink. I was totally shocked. I miss her. I really really miss her.

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  1. I debated as to whether I should read this right now. I knew I would be in tears. J and I talked about that potential move and how it was a good thing you didn't move. You would have missed so much time with her that last year.