January 23, 2009

Women With Daughters

I have been looking online to purchase my 5 year old daughter some clothing since she has grown about 5 inches since school started. Everything she has is too short or too tight. I am shocked and want to know if I am alone on this. Reni loves dresses. In the summer it is all she will wear and to get her into pants now usually requires bribing her. One a more than one web page the dresses were way to old for her. For any young girl I think. They had tub top dresses and tops, Shorts that are way to short, Pants that are low rise and Mini Skirts. Maybe I am just being way to strict. I just want to keep her as innocent as I can for as long as I can. I think our youth is growing up way to fast now days. I was not allowed to wear stuff like this because according to my dad it insinuated something. If you pay attention we due stereotype people by their outward appearance. I just want her to respect herself and her body by not showing off all that shes got. What happened to leaving a little to the imagination? Plus times are much more dangerous than they were when I was young. I use to be able to walk myself to school and back at her age. It was only two blocks away also. Now I would never let her walk to school by herself or even if she was 12.
Maybe I am being over protective. Maybe I am over reacting since she is only 5. But it all starts somewhere. If I can teach her to respect herself at 5 then when she is 16 it will just be who she is. She will be a leader not a follower. She will be comfortable enough in her own skin not to follow the crowd and be okay with it. I don't know maybe it is just me. Let me know what you think. Am I over reacting?


  1. For the first time in 3 years, MotorMouth has outgrown his jeans without tearing them apart first. I can actually consign his size 5 and 6's that I bought SINCE September!!! Same with Mini Me. She's in a 4T now!!!

    I don't see a problem with tube tops. I wore them when I was a kid and it was not suggestive as I, like Reni, was flat as a board. My mom was uber conservative so I figure if MY mom let me wear it 30 years ago, it must be okay today. I looked at the tops and dresses at Gap and would put my daughter in any of them.

    I TOTALLY get what you are saying about the skirts. Wow! There are only about 3-4 Gap skirts I would go with. Especially with Reni because of her long legs. I tend to skip the skirts and throw my girl in dresses all summer. They are easier, less washing, she always looks great and you can pair the dress with jeans and a sweater for a funky look in the fall and winter.

    Low rise jeans, I'm okay with, depending upon how low they are. They might look low online, but not in real life. I don't know if they give measurements, but if they do, check to see how low it really would be on her. With Gap, maybe go for the Classic style which seems to have a higher rise.

  2. I pretty much buy all the girls clothes at the Children's Place. In large part because my Mom works for the company and hello discount I love you! Also I really like their clothes. I find them to be appropriate and the wear well. Which is great when Abby outgrows something and I can pack it away for Maya. And the skirts, Abby always wears footless tights under skirts. TCP usually has great deals on their website. Boy how I wish they'd ship to Canada.