January 20, 2009

Lil' Scavenger

He has learned so quickly. Serenity and Triston not so much. Tim and I are always telling them to sit down and eat. They do not listen and continue to run around and go back and forth to their dinner plate. I can not let them in the dinning room with us because it is carpeted and they like to spill their food. Eli has learned that they are going to get up. He stands quietly to the side and waits. Sure enough they get up and begin their running path through the living room, through the dinning room and then through the kitchen. While they are running he swoops in and eats as fast as he can before he gets caught and they take it away. I just can't help but smile. He is just so darn cute... and smart!!!

I also just want to add. I DO feed him. He sits in his little high chair with me and gets his own helping. He just does not ever seem to get full. Or, which I believe, he just likes the challenge and the adrenaline of getting caught. Not good when he becomes a teen.

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