January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday- Parent Style

I have been told by my favorite bloggers, Widney Woman and The Fairy Blog Mother, that naming what you are thankful for can increase your happiness by 25%. Here is a shout out to all the number one parents in my life...

I am thankful for the number one daddy in the world. My Husband. He is amazing. He has the patience that I do not have. He takes the kids every night for at least an hour and reads or plays with them so I can just have a moment to breath. He is also the one that took the kids to play outside yesterday so that I did not have to. He is my baby sitter when I want to go out with the girls just by myself. Never tells me no or complains. He is my BEST est friend and always lets me vent and always takes my side. (Even when I am in the wrong and know it. But that is not important at the moment) Love you Babe.

I am thankful for my Step Dad John who is just so great. It took me a long time to warm up to John. Even though I did not want my parents to be together (check previous blog on faithful Friday father) I was not ready for my mom to get remarried. Never the less, John was amazing to my mom and was truly a God send. They were only married for 8 years before she died but those were the happiest years that I ever saw her. For that I am so so grateful. Not to mention just how thoughtful he is. He is always taking us to dinner, he is great with my kids, he is always there for every holiday, birthday, sporting event, etc. He is always wearing a smile and in a cheerful mood. I am so thankful that he came into our lives.

I am thankful for my real dad. He is instrumental for making me the strong, confident, self-respecting and hard working person that I am. He is a good boss. (Well I am the boss. Don't tell him he needs to think that he is in control of things. = P ) He is always there when I have a blow out or my battery dies or when my husband doesn't change the brakes and they fall out while you are driving down the road. ( Yeah that happened before) He is always there.

Now to my most favorite set of parents in the world. Tim's parents. They have been my support ever sense I have met Sarah in 1995. They gave me a place to live when I got kicked out by my dad. Dad gave me a job and never said anything about me picking fights with the guys and having rubber band fights. He helped me get my first car. I loved that car. He took us all over the US to places that I had never been to before and probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for him. Best part was they were business trips so we did not pay for most of it. Even our honeymoon. Most people would probably complain about spending part of their honeymoon with there in-laws but I loved having them there. He flew us in a helicopter over Kema, FL at night. We tried to push him in the fountains and I got sprayed right up the crouch instead. It was so much fun!
My mother in law is just my mom. She has taught me so much. How to expand my cooking comfort level. She has always been there to talk to and listen when you need her. She is just my most favorite person. I remember thinking when my mom died that I would be okay because I still have Donna Momma. Not to mention they are both my kids most favorite people. They ask me every day if we are going to see mama and papa. They know they love them unconditionally.