January 5, 2009

A new Me

So I said that one of my New Years goals was to take better care of myself. Every Sunday evening me and the girls have a small group that we use to encourage each other. Mainly we complain about our husbands but it was formed to help encourage each other to stay motivated to lose weight. We met yesterday and had a great meeting. It was just Sam, Whit and Me. I told them that I was going to be blogging about my progress and that I was going to brutally honest about it. They just told me good luck and that I was brave. I think that blogging about it, I have to face it. No more lieing about it. I will just have to face it.

At this meeting we discussed our goals for 2009. I have already placed that in my Happy New year blog if you want to go back. As far as the taking better care of myself goals, I decided that I would make small goals every two weeks for now. My goals for this two weeks is to get off pop, to not eat out, and to walk at least three days a week for 20 minutes. Then I will set a new goal for the next two weeks. Baby steps. I also got my weight while I was there. 247. There it is, no more hiding. My first goal weight is to be 199. That would make me happy to just not see a 2 in the beginning. I was going to get my measurements but could not find a tape so I will have to post that next week. Any way that is were I am at and I will keep you posted on progress.

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  1. My God, you are brave!! I am not that brave yet. I did manage to weigh myself this morning. That is the first step in facing reality. I was very scared of the number because J said my pants have been fitting me better lately because I gained some Christmas weight and they are filling out the butt. Hmmm...Compliment???

    Oprah had a really good, honest talk on her show today. I hope you can catch it later tonight if you did not DVR it.