September 1, 2008

School Days

Serenity's school had a little block party on Wednesday to celebrate back to school. It was really cute. They had a petting zoo, dunk tank (which Serenity kept trying to talk Daddy in to and I was helping her by calling him a wienie but he didn't take the bait.) games and lots of goodies. There was cotton candy, snow cones, brownies =P, popcorn, etc. By the time we left the kids were so sugared up we had to let them run some of it off in the back yard before bed. The people at her school are so nice. They would just come up to us and make conversation. I really like this school and most important so does Serenity.

We walked since it is only two blocks away.

The block party

Triston did not want to touch that goat



Blue cotton candy=blue tongue

Even Eli had a bite.


  1. Is it at the Baptist church???? I thought it was at a little tiny school in town. J always said he would go work for the Baptists 'cause when it comes to church buildings and equipment, they have the money!

  2. Yes, It is at the big Claremore 1st Baptist Church right by my house. It has the bridge that goes over the road. I know you have seen it.