September 22, 2008

Mi Familia

Last Sunday my little familia decided to go and have lunch Johnny Carino's after church. We do this often on Sunday's because our little family of five can eat there for $25. Usually we keep Eli in his baby seat and just put him in a sling. Well, we decided that we would just carry him inside and put him in a highchair. He was such a big boy. BUT, yes there is a but, he kept getting into everything. Not only that he wanted to stand in the seat not sit. The strap on it was broken so we couldn't strap him down. It was a real juggle to keep him in that seat. He did do a little better once the food came. Then he just yells at you because you can't shove it in fast enough.
Eli standing in the chair
Serenity and her straw mustache

Triston and his handsome Daddy

Feeding himself

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