September 27, 2008

Saturday Travels

I finally did not have to work on a Saturday. It was such a good feeling. Except that Tim volunteered to work on a Saturday so I still did not get to sleep in. I started by dropping him and then going to Target to get a baby gift for little Wyatt. I had to go home before going to the shower and Reni was about to drive me crazy. She was trying to rush me through everything.

I then went to the Co-ed baby shower, that was husband told me that he would meet me at, by myself with the three kids. Still getting over that one. It was really cute and laid back. I like those kind of showers. The food was great. Kelly did a great job. I thought I didn't have my camera on me so I didn't get a picture of the cake before they cut it. I did get a couple before I left though.

The boys looking for the toys in the presents.

Grandma Donna met us there. When the shower was over, we headed to the mall to get Eli his first pair of walking shoes for his birthday on Monday. We then walked around the mall for a little bit and of course had to go to the apple store. My camera battery died in stride rite so I had to take pictures with grandmas new iphone. I could not get them to email to me so I will have to get them later. We played in the playground for a bit and then headed home for naps. I really like the kids naps more than they do.

The selection we made. We tried a couple but grandma liked these and so did mommy.

Eli trying them out. I think we have a winner.

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