September 1, 2008


I am a firm believer in Karma. What ever you say or do will come back around and bite you right square in the ass. My children are my karma. I was a terrible little kid. Therefore my children, yeah you know were I am going with this.

Sunday I had to stay home from church because Eli is teething and was running a fever and snotting all over the place. To make things easier on Tim I kept Triston with me and he took Serenity and went on the church. Triston spent the morning playing with the umbrella stroller. Towards the end of the morning he was climbing in it and leaning back. No sooner than I said Stop doing that you are going to fall, than it happened. He fell back and smacked his face on the tile right in front of the front door. He busted both his top and bottom lip and clipped away about half of one of his front teeth. Blood everywhere.

Tim's mom is always saying, He acts just like you. So I am thinking, why do I have to pay for Tim's karma. I know, I'm in it too.

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