September 27, 2008

Family Days

Thursday, I was to tired to do anything for dinner so we decided to go to dinner in Claremore at the Superking Catfish and Steakhouse. The place is always packed out so we thought we would try it. I do NOT recommend it. It was not all that great. I guess I am just use to the way my grandpa made fish. Nothing else compares.

After eating all that grease we decided to go to Claremore Lake and let the kids play in the park. It was such a great evening for it. I love it at Claremore Lake. It so family friendly.

While we were there, Reni started playing with this little girl. I really didn't think anything of it because she makes friends everywhere she goes. She told me that the girl goes to her school. I thought no big deal, it is a small town, kind of. We then decided to walk to the bridge to see if we could see any turtles. The little girl asked if she could go and I told her she had to ask. She came back and said that her grandma said that it was okay. I turned to go and talk to when I realized who it was. It was Margo from Grace Church and The Pink House in Claremore. She is a family friend and her granddaughter goes to school with Reni. Who knew. It really is a small world after all.
Tim took some great pitures of Reni jumping.

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