July 17, 2008

My Point Was.....

So my whole point really for starting the blog was to give a REAL shout out to Jason and Simone.

I mentioned before that we went to Chicago for the 4Th of July and stayed with them. They were the best hosts ever. They lead us around all over the city. Took us to amazing places to eat. They never once complained about being to tired to do anything we wanted to do. We just had a really good visit with them. Our kids even got along! Which usually does not last very long. Even Tim agreed that it was a great visit. It was his idea to do the blog. He told me on the way home that I need to blog on here a BIG thank you to Jason and Simone for taking care of us. So.....


I don't want to forget to mention this. Simone even cooked for us for than once and it was really really good. She made pancakes, eggs and sausage, and when we were leaving out she made some of the best chocolate chip muffins. I give her major thumbs up on all of this because she made everything from scratch. I don't even do that. I love Betty Crocker and she does it so much better than me so why not.


  1. I am sitting in traffic and thought to check my inbox. I found your invite to your blog. Now, I am wiping away tears and hoping the people next to me don't look. Thanks for the high praise. We had an awesome time with all of you. It was an honor to have you here. The pic of Jazz and Reni is priceless.

  2. You are very welcome.Love you guys.