July 16, 2008


Hello Ya'll

I will start by saying that I am not much of a blogger. I have become interested in recently by my sister in law, Simone, who blogs daily. Jason and Simone have recently moved

their little family to Chicago, IL in April. Simone started a blog so that we could all follow

along with their new lives away from Tulsa, OK. We have children around the same

age so we have been a pretty close family. Their son Jazz and our daughter

Serenity have been just about inseparable since they were born. Jazz is 6 weeks older

than Serenity. This has been hard on them. Serenity still does not understand why we cant just jump in the car and go see Jazz like we use to.

Any way, the point to all this is that Simone's blogs have made things easier for us so I thought maybe if I could start a blog here at home so that they could keep up to date with all of us.

By all means, I am not the blogger that she is . She makes it look so easy and really fun. We will see how I do but it will for sure be a work in progress. I have already deleted the whole page trying to download a picture on here.
Jason and Simone

Yeah I did it without deleting it!

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