October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Our friends went out with us last Saturday to help me and Tim celebrate our birthdays. We started out at PF Changs and then went bowling at the Riverlanes Bowling Alley. We laughed so hard and had a great time. I love our friends. They keep us young.

Sam and KellyMomma Donna and Papa DarylPoor Alan. He is not really drunk. But Brad did have to put on a show.
See my little crown in the pic below with the girlsSarah at the bowling alley. She spilled hot chocolate all over Kelly.Oops!

Jason (far left) Alan in the middle and Brad far right

Sam kicked everyones butt at bowling on the girls side

Whitney is going to kill me for posting this picture. It is so Funny!!!!

My gorgeous husband stricking a pose

Brad telling a wopper I am sure.

Thanks guys for coming with us to help us celebrate. It would not have been the same without you. Your friendships mean so much to use. Your family! Love you all.

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