October 17, 2008

Eli is 1

Okay no more procrastinating. I will now post the pictures from Eli's birthday party. He actually had two birthday parties because Grandpa and Grandma Donna and Daryl could not be there, nor could Sarah and Andy. So we met with them on Sunday and had lunch to celebrate Donna Momma's birthday and Eli's Birthday. Eli was born on her birthday. He tore into that chocolate cake. We laughed so hard. We had to help Reni and Triston along with their cakes so I was so excited that he just went after it. Momma Donna has the pictures on her iphone and she can figure how to get them off. I will have to post them later.

On Monday the 29th of Sept we just had a small amount of friends and family come to help us celebrate. He did not tear that cake up as good but it was still funny and fun to watch. If was a really good party and I really like that it was so small. We could take the time to enjoy everyone and be involved in all the activities. I still can't believe he is one. It has gone so fast.

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