April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

It has been said that listing what we are thankful for increases our happiness by 25%. Why would you not? Here is what I am thankful for today!

1. I am thankful for Children's Tylenol. Serenity has a had a terrible cough and fever this week. Nothing breaks my heart more than when one of my kids are sick. The little whimper voice, sunken eyes, just laying around and doing nothing. A dose of Tylenol did not make things perfect but would sure help with the crying and fever. I am thankful that she could go to school today.

2. I am soooo thankful for my Aunt. She is babysitting for me again this season. Tim does not want our kids in daycare for his reasons and I agree with him. Thanks to her I get to do a job that I love and know that they are more than well taken care of. The best thing is that they LOVE her because she feeds them junk but at least they do not cry when I leave (which breaks my heart) Plus she is just down the street from where I am working.

3. I am thankful for my step dad being much stronger than I. My mom passed away 2 years ago in July. I have been putting off getting her a tombstone just because it was so hard. Not just that but it made it all final. I was not ready to let go. I could plan the funeral and everything else. I just could not do this. John stepped and could see how hard this was for me. He did it...secretly. That kind of made me mad at first but now I am just relieved. I got up enough strength in me today to go and see it. It is very beautiful and looks like something that she would have picked out herself. Thank you John.

4. I am thankful for the crock pot. This time of year I just don't have any time. Everyone beats me home. Since the adults that beat me home are male they just sit and wait for me to come home to eat anything. You think that some trigger would go off sometimes that says "Hey, I am hungry. I think I will start dinner before Mandy gets home." Nope doesn't work that way. With the crock pot I can put dinner on before I leave the house, turn it on and voila! They have dinner when they get home before I do.

5. I am thankful for friends. All friends; blogging friends, church friends, family friends, etc. They make life so much softer because life is HARD! It is so nice to always to have people to go when you need advice, just need to have fun or when you need a hard belly laugh. Or even when you need someone to be there with chocolate ice cream while you spill your guts about how you are going to cut your husband in his sleep. (not really but sure feel like it sometimes =p ) Everyone should have friends. If you don't have any let me know. I think I am a pretty good one. =)


  1. What a great list!!! It always makes me feel so good to list some thankful things when I am having a kind of bad day!

    I tagged you over on my blog!:-)

  2. Nothing like a great babysitter. Our kids go to the same sitter that my husband went to when he was a kid. She's lived next door to my in-laws since my husband was a baby, so she's as good as family. She loves my kids and they love her.

    I would have been angry in the beginning as well. Those last final steps are so hard to do. I'm glad you're feeling some peace about it know and that it's something that your Mom would have liked.

    The crockpot is a wonderful thing, as is chldren's tylenol and friends from all areas of your life.

  3. I love John. He really is the best, isn't he? Please give him a great big hug for me and let him know I miss him.

  4. I gave you an award on my blog, so come by and check it out when you have a minute! :)

  5. Ok so you had asked me for some hints on what worked for me when I potty trained my son:

    My 6 year old daughter and I would cheer, clap, dance and give him high fives every time he went to the potty. Since my son is a total attention whore, he went to the potty a lot so he could get us to love up on him. Especially my daughter-he loved that his big sister was so proud of him.

    He watched Isabel use the potty and would sometimes just go sit on his potty when Isabel had to go just so he could sit and talk to her. I think it helped him get comfy with it.

    We gave him one M&M each time he used the potty. After a couple days, he didn't even care about getting the M&M anymore. He was just so happy/proud of himself for doing it and he was so into all the attention we gave him.

    My mother happened to be visiting while this happened, so she gave him a small Cars toy as a reward for the very first time he went in the potty.

    We made a big deal out of taking him to the store and letting him pick out his first pair of "big boy" underwear. He LOVES Spiderman and was so happy that he got to wear "panties" just like his big sister. lol

    So, basically we just bribed him with lots of attention...and it worked. He was so ready to be trained, so I think that helped.

    Good luck with it!!!!!

  6. Oh I forgot to mention- we got him a potty chair that has a special little section in the front that is designed to help with training boys since their pee can go all over the place if they have a regular potty chair. I tried to teach him to hold his member down but he doesn't always remember, so the potty chair is heaven!! I think we got ours at Babies R Us and is made by BabyBjorn.