October 10, 2009

Knowing Me, Knowing you October

I have missed a couple of these being sick and all growing a baby but am glad that I am better enough to join in in October. This is a really fun interview started by my friend The Fairy Blog Mother to help everyone get to know each other better. It is a lot of fun and I encourage everyone to join in.

1. Crunchy Peanut Butter or smooth?

Depends I love crunchy peanut butter on pancakes but have to have smooth on a sandwich. Peanut butter and syrup with crackers is a house hold snack around here. And I am with The Fairy Blog Mother, it has to be Jiff.

2.Do you do any volunteer work?

The only volunteer work I do on a regular basis is volunteer with the four year olds at our church. I love it and the kids love us. I do this with my hubby. I have not been able to do it lately because of morning sickness and I miss them as if they are my own kids.

I do other stuff as a needed basis. If people need me they call me.

3.What is your favorite cold weather drink?

Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. I know that Fall has arrived and Winter is just around the corner when they start serving them here. Just the smell of them says fall to me. I love them.

4.What is your favorite holiday?

Valentines Day! I love the pinks and reds and how everyone just walks around on that day with their head in the clouds. I love seeing all the men at the mall and Wal-Mart freaking out doing last minute shopping because they forgot. It is just a loved filled day. My girlfriends say I'm a hopeless romantic. You think?

5. Okay quick-you got to hop a plane right now, to anywhere with anyone-where do you go and with who?

I would go to Paris with my hubby to kiss under the Eiffel Tower at sunset. (My dream and please see last question above.) =)


  1. Mmmmm Jif!I love the smell of anything pumpkin spicy, but not so big on the taste.

  2. I love pumpkin smell taste everything...

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