August 19, 2009

I have some news....

So of course I have not blogged in forever. So much has been going on and I hope to catch everyone up soon. For now I have news for all my blogging buddies.
We are having another baby!!!
Number 4. I know I could not believe it for a while either. Our due date is February 16, 2010. Who knows it could be a Valentine baby. Triston's birthday is February 11 so more likely he is going to be sharing a birthday. Did I mention Valentines Day is my favorite holiday?
How have I been? Sick! When I say sick that is a total under statement. I have spent many a day in bed or in the bathroom floor. I was hoping being number 4 that it would not be that bad. Although I am kind of hoping that since I have been so sick that it means that it is a girl. I have heard that women get more sick when it is a girl. Which from past pregnancies, I did get way more sick with Serenity with I did with both boys. I would love to have another girl. I guess we will find out in just a few more weeks what we will be having and I will truly be happy with either one.
Are we done? Oh yes we are done. I am signing the papers to get my tubes tied and Mr Husband is making his appointment as well. I do want him to wait until we know everything is okay with the baby. Probably during my 6 week recovery time. Although I don't know if I could handle two babies because men are babies when it comes to being sick or in pain. Know what I mean? We are done, we are done, oh yes we are done!!

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  1. So you will have a nice, even number. And the kids will be close in age. Congratulations!!