December 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday- Girlfriend Style

After reading the blog of Widney Woman ( she challenges you to what you are thankful for. I have really been thinking about what I am most thankful for. Of course there are many things that I am so thankful for. My health, beautiful healthy children, my wonderful and loving husband and this secure life that we have together. The thing that came to mind most of what I am thankful right now in this time has to be my girlfriends. This time of year is very very hard for me. There is so many traditions that I am trying to keep alive so that my children, nieces and nephews remember there grandma and how she did things. She LOVED Christmas and did everything the same way every year.
So you can imagine what a hormonal crazy person I become. I am happy, then sad, then angry, then just numb. My girlfriends are always there. All I do is call and they are there. Sometimes it is just good conversation on the phone and other times it is a margarita night at the local Mexican restaurant. My favorite! ;P They always know the know the right things to say and do. If nothing else the hugs are always there. Girls just understand girls you know. With out them I would be lost. I truly believe that I would have curled up in my bed and never have come out.
I don't want to ignore my sisters either. My sisters-in-law and even my mother-in-law are the best in laws ever. I always hear people talk about their MIL and even SILs and it is not good. I just don't understand because I was truly blessed. We get along so well and talk all the time. We are all supportive of each other and love each other to no ends. I could not have asked for better sisters or a another mother. I knew that when my mother died I would be okay because I still had my Momma Donna. She is one of my best est friends. She is always there when you need her or need someone to talk to. What I love about her first is that she never takes sides and always remains the neutral. BUT at the same time she can still be on your side. That is really hard to do.
I am so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful women. It is so funny how God places people in our lives at different times to help us get through what life throws at us. I had only met my girls about 4 weeks before my mom died. I wish they could have met her. They cushioned the blow and where such a comfort......and still are!! Love you all Girls.

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