December 30, 2008

New Years Resolutions

I really don't care much for New Years Resolutions. I think that when you make then, you are sure to fail. So I am not make a resolution. I am just making a plan of things that I would like to accomplish over the next year. I figure by blogging them than you guys can help keep me accountable. How do you like that? I just put my success or failure on you. He He He.
Here is a list of my top ten.

1. To turn the TV off more and get in the floor with my kids. Wither reading, coloring, and playing cars. More mommy time for them.

2. To be a much better wife for husband. That includes keeping my mouth shut and giving him the respect that he deserves.

3. Be a better friend. Make myself more available and there with no lazy excuses.

4. READ MY BIBLE. I do do this but not like I should. My goal is to read the whole bible in one year thanks to help from

5. Devote myself to volunteering at the church. I do volunteer in the kids but I want to do more micro missions. No more excuses.

6. To take better care of myself. I am not going on a diet! I do not believe in them or the word. Like New Years Resolutions I believe that just the word makes you want to quit. I am however going to be more aware of what I put in my mouth and exercise.

7. To blog more and to take more pictures. I love doing it but always make the excuse that I don't have the time. NO more excuses.

8. To be a better sister. I am only known by my own brothers as the b@#$%. I want to work on my relationship with my bubbies. I don't want that engraved on my tombstone.

9. To not stress. I can not get it all done. There is no way to do it. It is impossible. I need to get that in my head. I need to just take it one thing at a time, one day at a time.

10. To be more spiritual. All things are possible through him that gives us strength. My motto this year is to Let Go and Let God. If I can just learn to turn it all over to him, that he will lead me on the path that I am to go. I think that things will go so much smoother that way cause my way is not working.

There you go. This is just part of my goals this year. I will do my best to keep everyone updated on my progress. I have my girls group every Sunday. It is suppose to be for us to help encourage each other to lose weight. Now you guys know. I will be truthful of my progress. I will even let you know my weight. Yikes, i know! But it will help keep me motivated. I hope anyway. Well now you know mine, Let me know yours!

Happy New Year to Everyone!

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  1. FaithChick, I am probably going to print off this blog entry. It is EXACTLY everything I have been thinking about and planning and working on.

    Except for #5 - Volunteer more. I've been a community and church volunteer since I was 11. My plan last year at this time was to take a year off volunteering after April 30th. I'm enjoying the time off! It may be a whole other year!! You young girls can fill in for me.

    Anyhoo, loved your post. We need to check up on each other's progress - who knew WE would be in sync 10 years later!

    Love you, Sis!!

    P.S. You are not a biotch. Well, you can be. But you are the glue for your brothers, baby!! Biotch Glue. I'll crochet you a crown. What color?