November 3, 2008

Oh how Time flies

While cleaning out some things, we found my old camera that was lost forever. I looked to see what pictures where on it. It is pictures from Reni's first day at school, the really good snow that we had two years ago. We are sledding at Grandma Donna's, and even some pictures from when Reni was three and I coached her soccer team. I couldn't believe it. There are pictures from when Triston was about a year old. I didn't realize how much Eli looks like him at that age. Wow! How time flies.

First day of Preschool. She had cut her hair the day before. She looks like Peter Pan.

Dress up center

This was Reni's Snowman. Tiim helped her put the face on it. She was so upset that he did not have any ears. Tim told her that it did not need ears, it was just a snowman. He then went to go sled. When I came to join the fun, she pointed out to me that she had made the snowman some ears. She used some twigs and grass that she found. She is just so creative.

Don't he look so much like Eli? Triston is about a year old in this picture.

Reni's first soccer team Lil' Firecrackers

Triston fell asleep with a hot dog in his mouth. Can you say wedding video? You know it.

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