June 6, 2011

Serenity is 8!

This post is a little late but I'm getting it done. Serenitys birthday was May 20th. That weekend we did a lot just as a family. We took her to eat BBQ ribs (her favorite) and we rented her favorite movies.

The next day, one of my best girls gave us an inflatable water slide so we put it to the test. It was a success except that our water is well water from a natural spring so that water was ice cold! It took no time for their lips to turn purple. The refused to stop playing on it though. Grandma and grandpa got her a trampoline with the enclosure. She was so excited and loved it! So to warm up from the waterslide, they would go jump on the trampoline and vise versa till dark.

We decided to wait for her birthday party and just combine it with Memorial Day weekend. Two birds, one stone kind of thing. She wanted chocolate cupcakes with rainbow frosting. We compromised for two colors. I think they turned out great. It was a beautiful day and she loved having everyone there to celebrate her.

On another note, it makes me sad. She is 8! She is so tall and sooo much attitude. :) Im just not ready for her to grow up. It's all happening so fast. It just seems like yesterday she was this little baby that wouldn't fit in any of her clothes and had jet black hair that stood straight up. My little baby is growing up.

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  1. Happy birthday Serenity!! Love the cupcakes!!