May 22, 2011

Country Living

I pretty much grew up in the country. We lived on 160 acres just outside of Cushing, OK. Me and my three brothers spent a number of days just walking through the woods, following the creeks and swimming in the ponds. No problems, no worries. We never thought "Hey there might be a snake in here." or "I wonder if we will get attacked by a wild hog or mountain lion." So why now do I worry about these things now that we are living on a farm again.

For a couple of reasons I guess. One, I'm older and wiser. I KNOW there are big mean things that live in the woods. I have seen thier tracks in the mud. I have seen their pictures on my dads game camera. Do I want to meet them face to face, absolutely not!
Two: It's been a long time. I've become accustomed to the city life. I guess this tom boy will have to say she has gotten a little soft and divaesque. Not as found of the dirt and bugs as I was as a girl.

All in all though. I'm really excited. It is a different way of life but it really takes me back to some wonderful memories of working in the garden with my grandpa. Of going fishing in the ponds and creeks. I love the beauty of nature. My front yard is trees. Lots of gorgeous trees. You dont hear your neighbors mowing their lawns, no traffic from cars or trains, nothing. It is so peaceful here. The kids can go out front and play and I don't have to worry about someone snatching them from the yard. Do you know how freeing that is for me and for them.

I'm also excited for the future. We got a vegetable garden planted and are starting to see some results. We also got a herb garden and I'm so excited. We have planted us an orchard of apples, peaches, plums, and cherries. Soon we will have some chickens, the horses as soon as we get the fence up, maybe even a cow or two. We will be a real farm. I'm excited to learn to be country and most of all for my kids to know how to do it too. I think I can get back to that girl who loved to play in the dirt and didn't mind the bugs so much. I actually think I'm more than half way there.
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