January 14, 2010

Knowing Me, Knowing You January

I don't even blog much anymore but I always find the time to do the Knowing you, Knowing me blogs started by the Fairy Blog Mother. They are just that fun and I love reading everyones answers! Link on over and play along.

1. Showers or Baths?

Showers. I would love to take baths but I need to let you know that I have 3 children and one more on the way. If they hear me or see me running a bath they instantly start with the " I want a bath." Then they stand outside the door banging on it crying and yelling "I want to take a bath too mommy." Plus I do need to mention that I am 5'11" so most baths do not fit me comfortably so I just stick with hot showers. Nothing more comforting. Oh and did I mention that my kids hate showers so its a win win in this case.

2. What is your favorite thing for breakfast?

Not really a breakfast person. If I can just sleep through breakfast and go straight to lunch I am much happier. BUT if I had to pick I would have to say my mother-in-laws homemade biscuits and sausage gravy.

3. What is your favorite George Clooney movie?

I am not that big of a fan although I did like him on ER. I know not a movie. I just watched Leatherheads the other day and that was a pretty good movie. I did like him in O Brother Where Art Tho. Probably any of his movies where he is a little goofy and not so serious. I would like to see his new one that is just out too.

4. American Idol starts Tuesday folks, How do you feel about Ellen joining the judges table?

I don't watch. Sorry. I quit after about the third one. Simon just pisses me off that bad. =) I usually just watch through the auditions because they are just that funny and I can only imagine how much better it will be with someone like Ellen there. I think she is hilarious but don't really get how she is relevant for American Idol but who am I to judge. No pun intended.

5. Lets say you got a gift card to Michael's...what would you spend it on?

What wouldn't I spend it on? I guess it would depend on how much it is for. Right now I am crocheting so probably yarn and/or patterns. But I would have to go to the scrapbooking isle. More than likely I would get stuff for my cricket cutter that I love but haven't been able to use for a little while.

Now click on over to the Fairy Blog Mother and play along!


  1. Nice. I enjoyed reading that.

    I LOVE the pic of Tim playing with the kids in the sand. Love, love, love it! and the one of Rennie holding her arms up with the big sand bird feet. Umm..please remove the picture of me on your slideshow where I look pissed. Thanks. Love ya!

  2. Nice blog. I only take showers, unless it's a jacuzzi. :D